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People Of The Road Essay

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People of the Road

The term “driver” can be applied to just about anyone that is behind the wheel of an automobile. Driving is a task that many people take part in on a daily basis. After driving for a while, one can start to discover the several types of drivers that exists. There are many drivers that can be encountered on the road and their different behaviors help place them into classifications. Three common types of drivers are “Oblivious Drivers,” “Unsure Drivers,” and “Ideal Drivers.”
One of the many types of drivers are the oblivious drivers. These drivers are the type who don't seem to realize they have company on the road and are being selfish with their actions behind the wheel. Oblivious drivers can be inattentive to just about anything and don't try to manage their concentration of their surroundings. Most of the time, oblivious drivers are not aware of other cars around them so they do things such as cutting people off, not turning their high-beams down, or even causing accidents. Oblivious drivers can also be unaware of the conditions they are driving in, whether it's weather, construction areas, or accident sites. To be an oblivious driver, you don't have to be a specific age or have an exact amount of experience; any one can be an oblivious driver. Oblivious drivers can be very dangerous and cause many accidents on the road ways.
Another type of drivers are the unsure drivers. A lot of the time, the characteristics of unsure drivers can overlap with oblivious drivers, but one major difference is that unsure drivers are trying to be attentive. Often, unsure drivers are lacking either confidence or experience in the driving field. Most of the time, unsure drivers are drivers who just got their learners permit or license. Unsure drivers are the type of drivers...

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