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People, Places, And Events Reflection Essay

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I attended a student organization and development workshop series which was held on February 4, 2014 at Russell union. The topic for the workshop series was “Building an Exclusive Campus” and the speaker was Paul Bradley, a worker at the student activities office. This series scheduled to start at 7:00p.m. but it was started some minutes after seven due the lateness of the attendees. I attended this program because I thought it would help me learn about the different organizations on campus, and how to network through socialization which would help me to easily transition from college into medical school and blend with the others without feeling any different. Thus, to be able to make new friends, get to know people first before judging them, and last but not the least, learn of the many organizations and the important role I can play in them if I become a member to promote the organizations purpose existence. The speaker talked about how to promote an organization by making it open to everyone and not limiting it to a certain group of race, color, religion, gender and so on. By attending this sold series, I learned about how we easily stereotype a person or a group of individuals whom we have never spoken to but easily judge them because of their color, race, or background. The knowledge that I acquired at this event will help me to understand people and their actions especially my patients five years from now when I get into medical school and start working with a nonprofit organization.
The second spring program I attended was held by the African Students organization and the topic was “Africans be like”. To tell the truth, I attended this program because I was very curious about what they were going to discussed and whether that would be beneficial towards my degree or not. Unfortunately, it wasn’t attended by many and...

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