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Who would you like to sit before you today, what is your pleasure? I assure you, look at
me in different light because I can be whatever you want. I belong to a society populated by chameleons: people who constantly change personalities to appease their company. I call this morphing ability the chameleon-complex, in which there are two degrees: the complete chameleon and the partial chameleon. Which are we? This is a personal awareness many do not care to reach. In fact, most would rather swallow glass. But, after we make this realization, we look for someone or something to blame (could it be the media, peer pressure, or even our parents?!).

After stammering through this process, the issue becomes: how deep are we buried beneath the ribbon, bows, and paper we are hidden under after years of re-packaging ourselves? Can we regain personal freedom lying just on the other side of the paper?

You may ask, when do we develop into chameleons? Where do we go wrong as a society? What kind of exterminator do we need to call? I don’t think we are inherently born with a chameleon-complex; I believe we develop them over time. Many factors contribute to the complex, society being the most prominent. From a young age everyone has a deep-seeded need to belong; we become what others desire and dream. All of a sudden, without warning or our permission, the labels and concepts people invent overrun our individuality. I once heard it takes a person six seconds or less to judge you when first introduced—this is quite a burden for anyone. Instinctively, we begin to accept these labels, all the while losing a bit of ourselves in the midst of pleasing others. Then, we spend years attempting to regain the uncensored individual who was buried so long ago.

I think everyone is at least a partial chameleon. More than anything I believe the partial complex makes us more considerate of others. I have honed the partial chameleon-complex, which is a skill I am quite proud of. But don’t misunderstand, my complex is merely a facet of my personality. I encompass everything you hear about in popular songs on the radio. I am a distinct individual with a unique purpose, yet at the same time I have a deep need to belong while bringing laughs and smiles to the lips of everyone I know, regardless of my own emotions. I have torn myself down merely to be rebuilt and rebuilt myself merely to be torn down.

Numerous time I have “remodeled” my personality for others, all the while trying to be everyone’s everything. More often than not this led to disappointment and discouragement when I was rejected by the very individuals I wished to please. I am still covered in packaging, but personal freedom is real to me. Pieces of my personality shine through gaps in the...

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