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People Resourcing Discuss Some Of The Significant Developments That Have Taken Place Within The World Of Work In Recent Years.

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In this paper I will be discussing some of the significant developments that have taken place within the world of work in recent years in particular changes in flexibility such as, age structure, diversity, the use of non-standard contracts, and changes and differences in particular labour markets. Other developments I will be discussing are changes in work life balance and technology. In relation to these issues I will be examining the impact that these have had on organisations and how they manage their human resources. Finally I will be giving my viewpoint of what I foresee will be the most important developments in the next five years.During the last two decades of the twentieth Century, international competition, domestic competitive pressures, technological changes and major financial events have made organisations seek greater flexibility. In order to meet organisations demand for skills HR planners have had to take account of demographic and other factors in the internal and external labour markets. Factors towards flexibility include the following:•Age structureSocial trends show that the number of people working in the age group sixteen to twenty-four is falling, while those aged twenty-five to forty-four are rising this may be because an increasing amount of the workforce have family and child rearing responsibilities or care of dependant aged relatives which has had the need to create flexible working hours and a place of work to support these workers .The UK's population is ageing and the main factor of this is the ageing of a large group of people born between 1945 and 1973. Life expectancy increased rapidly during the first two thirds of the twentieth Century, while fertility fell steeply after the post-war baby boom. As a result of this smaller groups of people are succeeding the baby boomer. It is thought that around 2010 the baby boomers will begin to reach sixty five years old and retire in large numbers. Older workers will make up a large amount of the workforce. Between now and 2011, the number of older workers aged between forty-five and sixty-four will rise from about six hundred and forty thousand to almost eight hundred and thirty thousand. The UK will have to rely more on mid and late career workers to meet skills demands. Employers will have to create new employment patterns to retain older workers. There are advantages and disadvantages to having an older workforce. Older workers are likely to have higher levels of experience and therefore be more productive, however this advantage could also be a disadvantage as more of these older workers choose to retire, or are forced to retire because they find basic tasks difficult or because of age discrimination.•DiversityFrom the most recent Workplace Employee Relations Survey data it shows that in the UK, women's share of employment increased to 47% from 42% in the 1980's, the amount of workplaces with a low number of female workers of less than 25% fell to 27% from...

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