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Food directly affects to human health; it supplies energy for human activities. Now, choosing good foods for family becomes a hard problem with many households when people hear about the toxic ingredients in food every day. The diseases, which have been linked to food poisoning, are increasing day by day. The development of new technology analyzed the nutrient elements, and figured out the risks of poisonous elements in food. The scientists researched a new farming method called organic farming method that is producing the best quality food for every person. Nowadays, organic food has become a familiar term with many people. People should consume organic food because it reduces health risks, tastes great, protects the environment, and increases the innovative research.
First, consuming organic food reduces health risks. Of course, there are more options for people from conventional products in the grocery stores, and they are cheaper than organic food. Besides, some kinds of food additives are safe for health. The additive elements must pass the testing process, and adapt the criteria of the United States Department of Agriculture. However, organic food reduces health risks for consumers because organic food does not have preservatives and additives, which can cause health problems. Organic food is also free of chemical additives, flavor enhancers, and artificial sweetener while non-organic food may contain fake sugar, corn syrup, and growth hormones. In 1970, it took 70 days to raise a chicken. Now, it is only 38 days, and the chicken is twice bigger (Food Inc). That shows how much growth hormones that farmers have fed to the poultry. Organic food helps to reduce allergies, cancer, and diarrhea also; those negative effects can be detected in a long-time period. To illustrate, some people have food allergies, but the actual reason come from the artificial colors that contain in food. For instance, the effect on cells is up to four times when Brilliant Blue and MSG are combined. It will go up to seven times when Quinoline Yellow and Aspartame are combined together (Lee par. 6). The reason of diarrhea is from remaining toxic elements, which cannot be cleaned by rinsing. Moreover, organic foods have more nutritional elements. Those are essential ingredients, which enhance people’s health. According to the Organic Consumers Association, organic food has 25% more nutrition in terms of vitamins and minerals than products derived from industrial agriculture. Organic products have higher level of beta-carotene, vitamin A, D, E, essential acids, and essential minerals (“Why We” par. 1-2). Furthermore, organic farming method also protects the farmers and the pickers who are working and contacting with pesticides everyday on the farm. The consumers protect the farmers indirectly, and protect themselves directly because organic food does not contain pesticides. In 2007, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency data, the amount of...

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