People Should Not Buy The Diamond

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People Should Not Buy the Diamond

“Blood diamond” reflects a dark and ferocious side of this gorgeous world that is full of vanity, cruelness and ambition. In Africa, Sierra Leone, there exist a lot of child soldiers that serve the RUF (Revolutionary United Front), and those people mine diamond from the warzone, and sell them into the official market. Therefore, the RUF gets the profits and uses it for illegal plans or terror attacks to threaten the country and the people. These behaviors and activities have increased the morality rate in Africa, and the desire of getting “blood diamond” is the crucial factor that drives these conflicts and causes that devastating disaster.
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Therefore, it basically means that people just build their contentment and happiness on other’s sacrifices. This just does not make sense, and it is disrespectful and unfair for those African victims. Furthermore, those uninformed buyers will never ever understand that once they put on the expensive diamond rings on their fingers, they have already left blood on their hands.
Imagine that there is a woman who buys a diamond ring and a diamond necklace, and she walks on the street and shops with her friends who only wear the 14 dollars watch on their wrists. People will notice that all those people, except the one who wears the diamond ring, are running crazily and happily like free birds. However, the woman with priceless diamonds on her neck and finger is acting like a suspicious caged bird and do not dare to have any big motion. Is it worthy to exchange a luxury, rare rock with all the happiness and the money they have? People buy the products for letting themselves feel well and relaxing. However, most of the diamond owners will spend a ton of money on hiring strong bodyguards to protect the diamonds. Also, when they wear it for special occasions, they cannot enjoy the party, because all they care about is “somebody will steal my diamond, I need to watch out!”
Actually, diamonds are not as expensive and magical as people think. The customers buy it to prove their holy love, because the advertisements always brainwash people that diamonds are...

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