People Under The Age Of 15 Should Not Be On Facebook

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There are things in the great world of Facebook that kids should not be exposed to at a young age, and it also can get quite annoying to older people who are using Facebook the way that it’s intended to be used. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard undergraduate student, who was into creating websites. He started off with making a website that permitted students to see what classes their friends were in, so that they could see their friends in the class and want to join also. Later he wanted to transform his idea to an even greater website that would transform the world of social networking forever. He made a website that connected Harvard students to each other, in which he called Thefacebook. Thefacebook quickly spread through all colleges that Zuckerberg couldn’t even keep up the spread and had to have others help with adding all the different colleges that wanted to be a part of the social networking website. The sole purpose of Facebook was so that college kids would be able to connect with each other; some would say that it shouldn’t even be for high school teens. Except when I was in high school I found it very useful with connecting with my friends, especially since I went to school 45 minutes from my house. That’s where I draw the line though, there is absolutely no need for anyone that is under 15 years old, which is the age most kids start high school, should not be on Facebook.
A sexual predator going after their kids is every parent’s worst nightmare, and frightens the heck out of most of them. When parents hear about their kid signing up for a Facebook account, most of them immediately think about their kid’s safety, regarding who is able to see their profile. Facebook has come a far way with protecting a person’s personal information that they post, but it’s far from completely full proof. There are profile settings that allow who you want to see your profile, without even adding a person if the settings for your profile aren’t secure anybody can see what you do. When managing an account it gives you the options of whether you want everyone to see your profile, friends of friends, or friends only. The things that a lot of people have on their profiles shouldn’t be shared with everyone such as the kid’s interests, address, and the school they attend. This is the basic information that some parents don’t let kids put on their Facebook pages to keep them private. That’s not the only thing that sexual predators feed off of though, it could just be a simple thing that the kid’s post. Some examples of posts that predators might like could be as simple as, “going to the movie’s tonight at 7,” which gives the predator the exact location and time of where the kid would be. They could see a post that is posted by someone else that tags the kid in about being somewhere, which in that case the kid has no control of keeping that post private. Even if the kid has their profile completely private from all outside...

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