Pepsi Cola Ethics & Compliance Business Finance Report

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In running, an organization there has to be key players who are in charge of the daily business needs. Organizations have a President, Officers, Treasurers, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Executive Officers to name a few. These employees are in charge of making sure the business is successful and profitable. If the numbers or the bottom line does not look good, these employees are accountable for the results. Looking at fortune 500 companies like Pepsi-Cola, ethics and compliance standards are provided that need to be adhered to, to stay profitable. Ethics play a big part of any organization. As soon as a company does something that is unethical, or not compliant, they can be on the news in a second. Keeping a company on the up and up will help with profit and stock prices. Reputation is a big deal in the business world. Pepsi-Cola is a good company and remains ethical in the marketplace.When reporting financial information, Pepsi-Cola needs to make sure they are following the guidelines that the SEC has established. Misleading investors, employees and customers can be detrimental to a businesses success. When reporting quarterly financial information, Pepsi-Cola needs to make sure the data they are sharing is correct. If for some reason the information is audited and wrong, there are heavy fines and possible bankruptcy if a business could not handle the scrutiny it would be under for falsifying financial information. Pepsi-Cola has guidelines in place to make sure they are ethical and compliant with all business processes and procedures set up by the SEC. Ethics and compliance role in the Pepsi-Cola organization is of the utmost importance. If the company says something will be reported, it will. Pepsi did well financially in the first quarter. If a company stays ethical and compliant, there will be more room for growth opportunities and innovation. Investors are more likely to invest in a company that follows the rules and are by the book. Sometimes having financial information on the table for the world to see can be a positive thing.Pepsi-Cola's ethical behaviorIn reference to the first chapter of the text, "ethical behavior is doing the right thing"; therefore, the company must inspect the ethical activities, practices, and past grievances of Pepsi-Cola in order to understand the companies functionality (Deown, Martin, Petty, Scott, 2005). According to Pepsi-Cola's codes of conduct, it clearly states that the organization conveys and instigates ethical behavior through in-person training, town hall meetings, articles in the daily in-house e-newsletters, information on the intranet, management presentations and issuing of awards for ethical behavior. Pepsi-Cola participates in yearly international conferences which reiterate the company's values and codes of conduct. The company has initiated "a compliance and ethics leadership structure" which concentrates on the compliance of the corporate codes of conduct, business practices and...

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