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Pepsico Financial Analysis

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Management of FinanceFIN 6013Summer CoursePepsi-Cola Annual Report projectSammie PangLong SunEunice TsaiDennis YenLiya YuJude Qing ZhuIndex of PaperIntroduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-4Company Background------------------------------------------------------------------------5-8P/S Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9-13Other Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-19(Risk analysis and SWOT analysis)Stock Valuation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------19-23Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------23-24Reference/ Source------------------------------------------------------------------------------25Introduction:In 1898, Pepsi-Cola Company has introduced 13 beverages which have the Pepsi-Cola trademark. There is five of Pepsi-Cola's brand name, they are Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7 UP, and Mirinda, each product brings in annual revenue of $1 billion.In 1992, they got the cooperated with Thomas J. Lipton. This cooperate product are Lipton Brew, Lipton Brisk and Lipton Fountain Ice-Tea. And 1993, Pepsi Max low calorie cola was created and go into the international markets. Besides the Pepsi-Cola brands, company have other owns the brands like Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Frito-Lav, SoBe, Naked, and Tropicana. Pepsi Company their produced is selling to 40 countries and it is the third largest-selling cola brand outside the US.PepsiCo divides their target markets and use the different strategy to aim at their different consumer.Consumer's age is under the 18: These potential consumers still live at home with their parents. They need their parent help when they want buy anything they need. So PepsiCo is trying to get an eidetic the brand image for those consumers.Consumer's age group is between 18 to 24: These customers are either in college, moving away from home, or having a job now. For those consumers, PepsiCo is trying to make a brand image and loyalty in those consumers.Consumer's age group is between 25 and 34: PepsiCo is marketing to consumers and they are established to their job market and families. In this time the loyalty has already been established.Consumer's age group is between 35 and 49: PepsiCo's market is established to consumers and make sure the consumers accept brand, get the loyalty in PepsiCo. These consumers are loyal consumers, they support and drink Pepsi.Consumer's age 50 and up: This market's customers are established, and brand loyalty has been continued. This market's consumers are loyal consumers and they only drink Pepsi products.Now Pepsi-Cola are distributed through PepsiCo distribution centers. The distribution segments can be broken down into the following:Convenience stores and Gas stations: 12% of the market.Vending companies:11% of the market.Restaurant: 20% of...

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