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PepsiCo is one of the most recognized names in the snack and beverage industry, with brands like Frito-lay, Gatorade, Tropicana, and Quaker, however, it is best known for its flagship soft drink brand - Pepsi and its rivalry with Coca-Cola. To begin, PepsiCo first caught my Interest in the way it manages its business and markets its products. PepsiCo being a relatively young company compared to its rival Coke, has proven to be a formidable opponent going “head to head” with one of the biggest companies in the world (Coca-Cola). Now, when I notice PepsiCo’s growth, the first thing that came to my mind was that it is thanks to its great marketing campaigns, that Pepsi has grown to become the globally recognized brand that it is today. I also admire PepsiCo because I think the there is a high level of entrepreneurship in the way they acquired smaller brands like Gatorade thereby eliminating their competition before they become competition.
Thanks to my fascination with PepsiCo and partly because this is an assignment, I went online and search for some of PepsiCo’s most successful and ongoing marketing campaigns and strategies. During my research I noticed several daring marketing strategies Pepsi employed throughout the years. For example, gaining the support of Michael Jackson in the 1980’s and latest gaining the endorsement of global pop star Beyoncé.
Unlike most other well established companies, PepsiCo has decided to embrace the digital age fully and has integrated its marketing strategies with the changing times.
PepsiCo understands that traditional forms of marketing like TV, Magazine, and radio are becoming outdated and the Internet is now becoming the main medium for marketing. With this PepsiCo decided to launch it’s first ever online and offline global marketing campaign captioned “Live for Now” (PepsiCo, 2012). PepsiCo centered this campaign on the younger generation instigating them to “live for now,” and enjoy life in the moment and to the fullest and off course think of Pepsi while doing so; thereby portraying Pepsi as a brand of excitement and fun for the younger generation. This was to serve as a tool to increase Pepsi’s global recognition and presence in the lives of their consumers or prospective consumers. The pivot point of this campaign, was PepsiCo’s new social media site or platform called Pepsi Pulse.
“Pepsi Pulse, is a social media-driven Interactive dashboard for everything pop culture” (Hernandez 2012). This dashboard centralizes PepsiCo’s...

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