A Day In The Life Of A King's Son (During The Reign Of Roman Empire)

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A Day in the Life of a ChristianYes, yes, I'm a Christian. Now what? This is insane. We're treated like a bunch of scapegoats. Whenever something turns out wrong, whenever it's someone's fault and they don't want to admit it, all they do is just point at one of us and we're blamed for it. Just see what Emperor Nero did to our fellow Christians. What did we do wrong that caused the burning of Rome? I've had enough of this. But there's nothing I can do.Everyday something terrible happens, like one our fellow Christians was thrown into a pack of wild beasts, and then another was burned alive in front of our eyes. It's terrible. It's crazy. Who knows what will happen to me tomorrow?Just as I'm writing this, I'm crouching low in our hidden catacomb. This is where we stay. It's an underground room so we can hide and pray to God. I read the Bible everyday, and try to calm myself down and let my anger out. But I can't forget what they did to my friends. Why do we have to hide to practice our beliefs? They say that the Roman Empire doesn't allow people to worship none other than the emperors. But since we, Christians, worship God, we're treated this way.I can't stop thinking about this guy that I really looked up to. By the way, he got killed a couple of days ago. That really hit me hard. He was the best person I've ever met. Not just as a person, but as a Christian as well. I'm...

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This is a creative writing assignment about a day in the life of a child of the person depicted in the Roman bust Head of a Roman.

680 words - 3 pages robberies for him. He tells me to commit robberies and I do that. I really don't want to but at least I have no weapon so they cant kill me since it is during the day. I run home with the booty and my dad is not there. I find out that my dad hhas been killed for trying to rob with a gun while I was robbing without arms. It is worse than having to go to war, actually it is beter now I am free and can go and get married and get my won son to have as a

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4589 words - 18 pages emperor so he imposed an anti-Jewish policy in Alexandria68. Appointed Perfect of Egypt in 32 A.D., it was not until October 38 A.D. that Flaccus was convicted of mal-administration, banished to the island of Andros and the following year executed. During Flaccus' reign as Perfect to Egypt and Caligula's reign as emperor of Rome, the first Jewish pogrom of the Roman period occurred in Alexandria69. On August 31st 38 A.D 38 members of the Jewish

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1248 words - 5 pages Describe Absolutism. Describe how absolutism expressed itself in painting, architecture, sculpture, and politics.Absolutism:Absolutism is a political assertion or theory that claims that all power is vested in either a Monarch or a small group of people. This type of ruler often feels that his or her authority is given to them by a divine decree. During the era of absolutist style of welding power, France and other places around the world were

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1471 words - 6 pages toga praetexta was an off white toga with purple border which was reserved for senators and Curule magistrates such as consuls. The toga pulla was a dark toga worn strictly in a state of mourning. The toga candida was worn by candidates in political office. Lastly, the toga picta was a special all purple toga embroidered with gold thread worn by a roman general during a special triumphant parade. But being such an uncomfortable piece of clothing

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613 words - 2 pages become very close friends.After meeting at his teepee Door and Knob went to the townfestival. At the festival they saw many entertaining attractions.One of which was a 9 foot sasquatch. Other attractions were anactual television, a real life dog, and a basketball. The mainattraction was a real life human whom they had kept in captivityfor three months.After a fun-filled day at the festival Knob and Door decidedto go home. Only Door did not have a

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1866 words - 7 pages colleagues that are enthusiastic about learning and continuing education opportunities, to hire assistance for time-consuming administrative task, and adequately assess a proper caseload that will sustain my counseling practice and without avoid counselor burn out (L. Keylon, personal communication, March 26, 2010). A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor I spent the day with Lea Keylon, sole owner of Keylon Counseling

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1008 words - 5 pages have solid dance programs because I have grown up watching dancers from my studio go to college to major in dance and they have given me advice on where to look. This is very helpful information however I would also like to know specifics about the day in the life of a dance major and how many dancers actually get jobs after college and are able to make a career dancing. Part Two: The Day in the life of a Dancer To begin my research I looked up

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1420 words - 6 pages . Decline of their stutus from roman citizens meant that they would not solve the decline in the tilled land in the empire or the loss in revenue that the empire was facing. Additionally these classes would not feel any loyalty to the government that at this point was crushing and restricting them at the same time. As a result this lower classes of individuals opted out to find other modes of life that were more possible like working in estates of rich

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551 words - 2 pages When discussing the Roman Empire one of the most popular topics is how this mighty empire fell. There are two main views about how the Roman Empire began to fall apart, some believe that it was because of inner strife that occurred in the empire, and weakened the empire so that it could be torn apart from the out side. On the other hand some scholars believe that the Roman Empire crumbled because of out side forces that stressed the empire to

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1218 words - 5 pages Rise of Rome      The legend of Roman Empire, the strongest empire lasted more than 1,000 years in regions of minor Asia, Northern Africa, Europe including Spain, Britain, german and Gaul, which now we call France, was not created in one single day. The stories of ancient gods, heroes, and myths are part of their splendid chronicle, they are both practical facts and fantasies. Much of what we know today about the

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985 words - 4 pages rolling around started again and then his eyes finally closed for good. Watching Erick sleep I lost all track of time, watching his chest rise and fall with each breath while noticing that every once in awhile his eye lids would flutter.Through out the day I observed my child in a way that I never really have before. I saw life through my son's eyes and realized that children pay more attention to detail. Children take their time doing things like playing with their toys and even stopping for a moment to pet a loyal friend. Having lived this experience in one day, I want to live it every day and will not take for granted the things that I have