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A Day In Zero Gravity. Essay

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I caught the ball in the open end of the court for the fast break; I was all alone on one end of the court dibbling to the basket, everyone called out "Dunk it! dunk it!" but they didn't know I couldn't dunk it so I layed it up through my legs.I was 18 years old and 6'3 the forth tallest player on my basketball team; I was the only player who couldn't dunk. Even 5'7 Mike could dunk it, but not me. I could only barley touch the ring, the whole team laughed at me because I couldn't even touch the ring, even the coach.Rip was 6 foot and had shoes with a round pump on the front, every time he played basketball he pumped up his shoes. I thought it was the shoes which made him jump higher than the entire team so I bought a pair. I pumped and pumped but it didn't make any difference.Everyday my teammates would practice new dunks and I could only watch. I was sitting on the sideline one day watching my team showing off there new dunks to each other, when a man called Larry came up to me and said, "Do u really wanna dunk?" I said to him,"Yes!" with excitement. He said to me that in two days there will be no gravity on the entire earth. I was stunned at what he had said and didn't believe him. At you will be flying.One day later was the day before my big grand final game and I had forgotten what that guy had said. I went to the basketball court and practiced and practiced for the big game. I wanted to dunk so much.It was grand final, I woke up that morning and everything was floating a couple of metres below the ceiling. I was flying! There was zero gravity just like Larry told me. I picked up his business card which he had given to me 2 days ago incase anything went wrong and gave him a call. I asked him "why am I flying Larry?" "Because there is no gravity" Larry said. I told him that I totally believed him, why? Obviously I was flying. He then told me that this zero gravity thing would only last for 1 day, he also said during that day it at a time it could ware and there could be some side affects to it.I went out of my room and peeked into my parent's room to see how they took the zero gravity stuff. I couldn't believe my eyes they were flying around the room like superman, only laughing and having a good time. I flew into the room and said "good morning, why is every floating?" even though I knew the answer. They said they didn't know and thought it was a dream.It was 5.30pm Basketball Grand final time, I was pumped up. I...

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