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Percentage Of Agrage Material Used In A Europian Car

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· IntroductionEvery year millions of tons of waste are produced by the automotive industry because of end of life vehicles. The major problem why vehicles are not being recycled as they should be is because a lot of the material is un-recyclable or very expensive. This report analyses the effects of the implication of this legalization with respect to the design of the car components with in a vehicle to look at what is being done by the industry to meet new regulations in respect of recycling.· Types of Materials UsedCurrently, the proportions of material in a car are approximately as follows:Some of the material shown in the above is easier to recycle than others some are very difficult to recycle.In order the most recyclable is1 Ferrous metal2 Light alloys3 Glass4 Plastic5, RubberFerrous metal are the most easily recyclable as it is pure and the materials do not lose there properties when recycled for example steel, steel can be easily recycled it is the same for iron and the other marital used in a typical family car this counts for 70% of the typical family car.Light alloy or glass again it is not a problem to recycle. Glass in-particular is very easy to recycle and be made use of in many applications.Plastic is the biggest area for recycling improvement. Plastic use has become more essential for modern cars as it reduces about 300 kg of a cars weight this reduces pollution and plastic is cheaper to work with. But the problem with this is that plastic is not easily recycled different application of plastic require it to do different thing, many different types of plastic are bonded together to achieve the desired properties. This means when it comes to recycling the plastic material it can not be separated in to its different resins there for end up in the landfill plastic has to be separated in to different types before recycling. 10% or more plastic is currently in being used in a typical family car can is growing by the day.Rubber mainly used to make tires for a car is one of the hardest parts to recycle. The raw materials that make up tires are natural and synthetic rubbers, carbon, nylon orPolyester cord, sulphur, resins and oil. During the tire making process, these are virtually compacted together to make one compound this is not easily broken down there for a rubber tire once used cant be reused on a car again it has to reused for other application.· End of life Material DirectiveEvery year the amount of cars being produced in Europe are increasing and every year the amount of waste produced by the end of life cars is know exceeding 9 million tons. This is having a big impact of the environment. The End of Life Vehicle Directive was put in place by the European union (legally adopted in September 2000 and published in October 2000) to reduce the amount of wasted materials that goes into landfill sites From January 2006, the Directive sets targets for the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials resulting from...

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