Perception Determines Reality Essay

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Perception Determines Reality
A person who has a strong awareness in knowing at him or her might affect the way others perceive in one self. Embracing the intelligence of our own and appreciating other’s perceptions gives us a better insight of our personal experience to become a better person. In “The Eyes of the Skin,” Pallasmaa argues that individuals rely too greatly on their eyesight, result in an adjustment of our perception to build structure such as architectures: consequently, modifies the reality in a depended way solely on vision. In “The Mind’s Eye,” Sacks believes individual perception develops from our mind and therefore does not require vision to see the real world. Our brain is flexible has a strong adaption to reality by involving our five senses to institute realism. Nafisi’s memoir and literary criticism “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” describes her reality as an authoritarian society as oppose to a democratic society. Nafisi and her students develop their own virtual reality by imagining happiness, privileges and freedom that can replace the dictatorial reality. Individual perception refers to the stimuli through which one receives, unify and understands the information from the environment. We integrate factual and perceptual inputs around us into our belief system, changing the way we think and behave. Reality is the environment that surrounds by which we perceive. The subjective individual perception and the inevitable reality have a shared connection that separates apart from differences. The fundamental relationship is that our individual perception determines real world by challenging our perception in limitation and blindness that withstands the inescapable reality.
The society controls what we behave and influence greatly to what we are limited to do and often so, we refuse to go by the rules in society and begin to imagine what life would be like without it. Sacks state “It is by such imagination, such vision that we create or construct our individual worlds” (Sacks 522). Being blind limits a lot of actions that one can do to survive and perform daily tasks. It is also very inconvenient for them to express what they truly wanted to express and how they are feeling at the moment. Knowing that blindness is a permanent disability and no medical evidence has been prove to cure it, blind people’s only hope is to tweak their way to view reality. Sacks try to understand the mental aspects of blinded people by asking their experience of it and the ways of how they overcome the problem. A popular answer given by blinded people is that by imagining the ideal world created by their own is ultimate way to endure the discomfort of blindness. Our imagination plays in hand with our individual perspective; that we can control reality base on what we perceive. Imaginations serve the general purpose stirring a person’s perception of reality. Although some people’s visualization is more pictorial than others, our reality is rooted in...

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