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Perception Of Gay And Lesbian Employees In The Workplace

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The respondents have managed to ignore the negativity and they have been able to finally see their worth. Gender inequality is present through stereotyping in the workplace, that is why gay and lesbian should be more mature in understanding the negative people around them. Instead of putting themselves into misery because of what they hear, they should have in their mind that good things will happen to help their skills and abilities to excel.

As affirmed by the respondents:
“I advice you to ignore people who are trying to pull you down and instead make an effort to prove them wrong. Be the best employee. In that way way they will see your worth, and you will become an asset of ...view middle of the document...

Gender inequality is still happening nowadays. Some gays and lesbians employees do not have the same work opportunities as the others even after reviewing their competencies. Some employers do not give the same treatment as to all of their employees, whether gay/lesbian or not. Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. The gays and lesbians have interpreted the challenges they encountered as a motivation and a matter of self-worth which makes them more matured.

As expressed:
“We can surpass these challenges. Think of the lessons in life and there will come a time that they will experience the things that can strengthen their capabilities.” (Angelica Ramirez)

Aside from motivation, their experiences helped them to boost self-confidence in their own capabilities as they improved themselves. These gays and lesbians proved to themselves that better performance alone can give better results. However, if they want to improve their performance, it is necessary that improve themselves first in various aspects so that they can achieve their goals. In the end, the respondents have considered changing their views into a positive one.

According to the Merriam Webster, optimism is a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future -- a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen. The respondents have expressed that there were certain factors in their experiences that show positivity about the issue that they faced. This could motivate the employees accomplish work productively.

Based on the experiences of the gay and lesbian respondents, it is important to have patience in everything they do because it will help them strengthen their personality.
“I had much better understanding and had more patience.” (Rina Legazpi)

According to Christian Vinzon, if someone is god-fearing then he is morally upright.
“Much better that you leave it to God. Whatever happens, let us still learn to forgive.”
“Just leave it to God, and just pray for them because that’s what I do.”

It has now become eminent that workplace discrimination is not only happening to men and women, but also to the gays and lesbians. From here, the researchers saw that there is a lack of attention between these kinds of incidents. Apparently, the researchers used a descriptive type of interview in formulation of the themes used in the research. Based on the answers of the respondents, it all runs down into five (5) major themes -- Questioning Ability, Ego-threatening, Accepting, Aspiring and Self-Fulfilling.

The term “questioning” in the research utilizes the ability on how a person can judge another. Based on the respondents’ answers, the gays and lesbians have already accepted who and what they are but on the other hand, question their identity in terms of how others see them as well as how they act in everyday situations. Next, the researchers perceived that questioning is a...

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