Perception Of Reality In "A Streetcar Named Desire"

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Cook 4McKenna CookPrinciples of LiteratureTH 12:30-1:5024 September, 2014Perceptions of RealityIn A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, one of the main characters, Blanche DuBois has the desire that everyone feels at one point or another, to be "young forever". Her desire to achieve this impossible goal is shown throughout the play, and effects a lot of people around her. Blanche tries to board the "desire" streetcar, her fate interferes and shows her reality as she boards the "death" streetcar. Although Blanche has desires to achieve whatever she wants, her relationship with reality is unstable and this leads her to the mental collapse at the end of this play.Reality is the opinionated state of things as they really exist, rather than as they may appear or be imagined. Throughout the play, Blanche struggles with her perception of reality, and lets her extreme desire get in the way. Blanche seems to act accordingly to her perception of reality, which differs from most of the people around her, including her sister Stella, which hurts her in the end. Blanche has this whole idea of being young forever, and that if she does certain things like hide in dark places of the room that it will preserve her innocence. Stella, unlike Blanche, has a different problem with reality. Instead of having extremes desires like Blanche, she lives in the moment, and thinks very simple. Her husband Stanley is a very aggressive, physical man who has a hot temper which leads to many feuds between the two. Instead of coming to reality, Stella ignores all signs of abuse, adultery, and disrespect that Stanley displays, while continuing to tell everyone that she loves him no matter what. Stella's heard many times that she should leave Stanley and that she deserves better, but her perception of reality isn't clear, and lust over takes her thoughts. The other main character of the play is Stella's husband Stanley, who actually seems to be the most in touch with reality compared to his wife and her sister. Stanley has a steady job, has a group of friends he hangs out with, and lives a pretty steady life. He doesn't have the most common sense and seems to do a lot of wrong towards many people. His ability to accept reality as it is, seems to be what influenced his motive behind putting Blanche's illusion to an end. His goal of making Blanche comprehend his perspective on reality was due to her consistent stringing of lies. Eventually, Stanley's goal was achieved when Blanche realized she could not have everything she wants and desires."Can one live away from society, from reality?" (Thomieres 380) This question is raised in Daniel Thomieres' analysis of the play, which thoroughly discusses Blanche's previous "stages of life", and shows her constantly running from one place to another. What exactly is Blanche running from? Reality. Blanche's mind is always craving new and exciting things, but she cannot seem to settle in one particular place for long due to her poor...

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1270 words - 6 pages A Streetcar Named Desire is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning play. The film was nominated for twelve nominations and was awarded four Oscars. It is a stage play with elements of tragedy. The play opened at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in New York City on December 3, 1947. The producer of the play Charles Feldman sold the production to the Warner Bros. The play was written by Tennessee Williams. Williams is considered the greatest Southern playwright and

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1894 words - 8 pages means "beautiful dream" in French, but this dream is lost just like Blanches dream is lost. This again foreshadows to the audience that things are not going to go well for Blanche who is trying to find reality in her imagination. This is point is again succeeded when Blanche arrives in New Orleans at the beginning of the scene. She travels in a streetcar named "Desire" and then changes into one-called "Cemeteries

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891 words - 4 pages     The play A Streetcar Named Desire revolves around Blanche DuBois; therefore, the main theme of the drama concerns her directly. In Blanche is seen the tragedy of an individual caught between two worlds-the world of the past and the world of the present-unwilling to let go of the past and unable, because of her character, to come to any sort of terms with the present. The final result is her destruction. This process began long before her

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999 words - 4 pages Death in A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams uses the theme of death continually in the play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ through the use of dramatic imagery and literal references. The characters of Blanche and Mitch are used the most frequently to express Williams’ own obsession with death. Though neither of the characters actually obsesses about death, Blanche’s life has been smothered by the deaths of those she loves and the

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1315 words - 5 pages While watching A Streetcar named Desire, the character of Blanche Dubois at first appeared to be a weak self-absorbed southern woman, when really what started coming from her character was a flawed personality. What is not known is whether this is something that runs in the family, or has only shown itself through Blanche. Since this was during a time when mental illness was not yet studied deeply, the way Blanche is treated while

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1279 words - 6 pages Annotated Bibliography Henthorne, Susan. "A Streetcar Named Desire." Masterplots, Fourth Edition (2010): 1-4. Literary Reference Center. Web 2 Dec. 2013. William Portrays in this play the reality of people's lives. It has a frank presentation of sexual issues. It was not meant to foresee the autobiographical elements of his life, but to show the reality of people's everyday lives. Dramatic devices are often used in this play to