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AbstractThere was a time when I considered myself open-minded and a good judge of character. Over time that must have changed or I lost my touch. Having lived an experience which has re-evaluated that concept, I realized that had I not thought it through and reconsidered my first impression I may have lost a chance of a lifetime.My Faulty Perception ProcessFor quite some time I have worked for and with a variety of people from various walks of life. I came to know their cultures, and thought myself a good judge of character. Well several years ago I came across a guy who worked at the same unit. This guy (Nathan) who I thought was too good looking for his own good. I automatically categorized him as attached and /or accustomed to women falling at his feet. There was no way to get acquainted with someone like him and not end up burned or hurt. So, I just moved along with my work in a different shop. We were in different fields so keeping a distance was fairly simple. We learned we had mutual friends, mainly one in particular (Tim). Wanting to learn, I had purchased a motorcycle and was learning how to ride. Tim offered to help me out, and to get out on the roads. In agreement with him, I thought it would be great, and appreciated his offer. So, I went riding with him and he taught me how to ride, and was with me when I practiced until I felt comfortable enough to ride out of the parking lot and onto the street.Tim had arranged a group ride with experienced riders and non-experienced riders so we could learn from each other. I was invited and went with this group. This was when I ended up hanging out with the guy I had tried to avoid at work. Even though my perception of him still felt true, politeness was the only option in order to become a more experienced rider and not offend our mutual friends.He came across as a womanizer, with a bad boy attitude that reeked of sex appeal. He played hard and worked hard. He came off as the kind of guy your mom warned you about. He seemed he would send you through an emotional roller coaster and straight to a broken heart. He didn't seem loyal to a woman or monogamous in any relationship. He just struck me as arrogant and self-assured. Just those "characteristics" alone would make most women apprehensive. As time went on I noticed our circle of friends was well overlapped and his appearances at gatherings were becoming more frequent.Tim approached me on the matter of Nate. He asked what I honestly thought of him. I told him it didn't matter that he was no longer where we worked and probably moved on to his next unit without the simplest thought for me. Tim was shock when I told him of my dislike and apprehensiveness of...

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1823 words - 7 pages listening to the answers from the candidate. A good example might be that women will take the major responsibility for childcare, leading to absence from work in order to look after their sick children.MANAGING PEOPLE PERCEPTUAL ERRORS IN SELECTION INTERVIEWLEGAL IMPLICATIONThe interviewers, who make perceptual errors in interview, can easily discriminate against job applicants. In interviewing process there are many questions that are prohibited.3

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985 words - 4 pages having it outdoors. I would nto let the thought cross my mind that we might not be able to do it. I continued to make the plans and figure out all that needed to be done. Everyone was supportive around me so I put the negatives in the back of my mind even though the negatives were always in my thought process. I was having perceptual blocks about everything because I did not want to accept the truth that we had to much work to do, the weather

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603 words - 2 pages Think about it. How important is thinking? Americans spend all of their day thinking and misthinking of multiple decisions and ideas. Thinking is a very important process of how our thoughts, when transferred verbally or written on paper, can produce a clearer understanding of our views. The nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, and my perceptual process have been influenced through sources of enculturation.      The nature

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1650 words - 7 pages and interpret sensory stimulation into a meaningful picture of the world' (Arnold, 1995, P.263)The general perceptual process can be divided into 3 stages.'First of all, the first stage in the process of perception is selection and attention.' (Mullins, 1999, P.378).The person will process information and receive the stimuli from the environment such as sight, sound, smell, taste etc. But each person has his physical limits. It is impossible for an

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1504 words - 6 pages huge amount of resources invested, is it guaranteed that ALL students are beneficial from the use of multimedia in learning English? According to Kroonenberg (1995), perceptual learning styles significantly affect language acquisition. Kost, Foss and Lenzini (1999) also suggested that learner's preferred learning style should be further explored so that the design of vocabulary annotation can better facilitate individualization of course materials

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721 words - 3 pages A Perceptual set theory stresses the idea of perception as an active process involving selection, inference and interpretation. Perceptual set is a readiness to perceive certain aspects of available sensory data and to ignore others. Tuning of the visual system is an important, but often neglected, aspect of seeing. It is more like receiving different perceptions on one image; the recognition of the other image can be educated. So when you


929 words - 4 pages very disappointed and consider she was not a good teacher in fact. She explained that I thought her hobby being negative. She increased her self-awareness by exposing herself to me. But her confessions led to a misunderstanding which I denied her sincere of family.Shortly before when I recall this memory, I consider that the misunderstanding and disappointment of me are actually caused by my initial inaccuracy of perceptual process which was

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2415 words - 10 pages discuss articles disproving certain aspects of PR. Iverson researched on the acquisition of a nonnative language and the effect of early perceptual processing on this process. Eimas theorized that infants have a universal set of phonetic feature detectors (Iverson & Kuhl, 2003). These were thought to atrophy if unused, with adults only retaining used detectors. This was supported by the Separate Mechanism Hypothesis (Liu, 2010). However, this

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1483 words - 6 pages and audibly, and through the perceptual process people develop an inner reality. Many factors come into being that may influence their perception. The perception process takes repetitive influence and will develop over time. The media, their surroundings, religion, and upbringing will all influence their perception. For example, being at home and watching the news, no atrocious scenes from the present situation in Iraq. Get up from the chair and

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1311 words - 5 pages color sensitive objects. He mentioned that he did not pay any attention to the red objects when his eyes were open but he was able to see them when he closed his eyes. While working through these experiments, it proved that people view surroundings in unknown many ways. Unless one completely understands the sensation and perceptual process, one will continue to ignore things that might have importance. For example, it is vital for a police

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1058 words - 4 pages What is perception? Perception is the conclusions made from sense perception and one's own judgment. Judgment is crucial to perception, and is what separates it from sight, hearing, touch, and the other senses. Because perception includes one's own judgment, one could visually perceive more or less than is actually seen (Britannica student Encyclopedia). The principles of perceptual organization is organizing raw sensory stimuli into meaningful

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