Perchance To Dream Part 2

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*note: this is a continuation of Perchance to Dream - Part 1"Well," said the Bureaucrat, puffing nervously on his pipe. "Back from the Amazons so soon?""It's been 18 months," said Dr. Susan Ogdon."Ah, yes. Well, time certainly flies, doesn't it?" The Bureaucrat carefully inspected the faces of the two psychologists sitting in the office. They seemed tanned and relaxed. He wished he could go buzzing of to tropical climes any time he wished. "And how were the pot-smoking natives? Still lost in the 'Stoned Age,' I suppose?" He chuckled over his little joke.Roger Ogdon smiled wanly. "The natives are decent human beings, just like you and me. Some of them smoke marijuana, of course, but I doubt theirs isn't any more of a 'Stoned Age' than ours.""Um, yes." said the Bureaucrat, quickly swallowing his chuckle. " And what were the results of your study?" In fact, he had a copy of the Ogdons' report lying on his desk in front of him. But he had found time to skim only the first page or so. Besides, he preferred to hear such things first-hand. "I trust you didn't come up with anything too radical?"Susan Ogdon sighed. "No, our results were about the same as those that Vera Rubin and Lambros Comitas found in their study of marijuana use in Jamaica, and that Pal Doughty and his colleagues at the University of Florida found in their work in Costa Rica."The Bureaucrat frowned. "Oh, you read those studies, did you?" He wondered why scientists were always checking the literature when it seemed that tackling a problem with a fresh mind might be so rewarding. He stirred his cup of coffee and took a small sip to perk him up a bit."Well," said the woman, "we began by looking at the various ways in which our natives used marijuana. They chew it, smoke it, brew it as tea, and use it in their cooking.""Oh, my," said the Bureaucrat, "that much, eh?""Yes," Roger Ogdon responded. "And they give it to their children as a medicine, so they start using cannabis at a very early age. But, of course, not all of the natives use it.""Good," the Bureaucrat said. " That means that you could find a control group of non-users, I presume?""Yes," said Susan Ogdon. "We found 30 men who were long-time, heavy pot smokers, and 30 who had never used it at all. The users smoke in average of 8 'joints' a day, except that they call them 'spliffs' instead of joints. And, as we noted in our report, they refer to the pot as 'ganga', just as the Jamaicans do. It has much more THC in it than does the pot that usually finds its way to the US.""Excellent!" said the Bureaucrat, reaching for his pipe. "And the non-users were similar to the users in all respects other than the use of this 'ganga'?"Roger Ogdon nodded. "They were of about the same height, age, occupation, and educational backround. And the men in both the experimental and control groups were heavy smokers of tobacco."The bureaucrat refilled his pipe and lit it. "Well, if the groups were that similar, then any differences in their mental or...

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