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Rain. Rain smacked the roof of the rusty red Peugeot so hard Kate
couldn’t even hear herself think. Let alone the corny advert blaring
from the radio.

All she could see were her windscreen wipers relentlessly trying to
sweep the water aside, but to no avail. No lights, no people, no

Not anything she corrected herself. She was right though you wouldn’t
find anything on a country road. Even the only rod that leads into the
isolated town of Twiggleton. Alone.

She wished that the taste of that burger she had earlier she had
earlier would go away. If she could just reach the water under her
seat then - no she couldn’t take her hands off the wheel. Water, water
everywhere nor any drop to drink.

Salty chips stank out her car. A mixture of types, “fish and chip
shop” chips, “McDonalds” and “Chinese” chips. It had been her turn to
be the chauffeur for her friends. She hadn’t been tense then despite
the downpour but that wasn’t the case now.

She clutched the wheel so hard that she could feel the sticky sweat on
her clammy hands. Her knuckles were a milky white. She sat forward on
the edge of the driver’s seat attempting to concentrate on the bumpy
road she knew off by heart.

Sighing, she rested her head back against the seat and tried to relax.

“Relax Kate,” she murmured but she could hardly hear herself over the
constant banging of water on the metal roof. If it wasn’t for the
waterfall that fell from the heavens she’d f gone to sleep.

Glancing left, she saw something she didn’t expect.

There was a girl, of her age, in the bushes.

She slammed on the brakes, spraying water everywhere from the puddles.
She undid her seatbelt and flung open the door, forgetting to shut it

The rain instantly pounded her face so she shielded her eyes as she
ran towards to where she thought she had seen the girl. As she
approached the girl, she could see that the girl was naked. She
sprinted the last couple of meters and shouted, “Hello, can you hear
me?” over the rain.

She tried to lift the pretty blonde girl even though it was obvious
that being about the same age, they were probably around the same
weight. She muttered various curses under her breath, even though it
was unbecoming of a lady like, as her mother would say., She heaved
again and the limp body raised an inch, if that.

She half carried, half dragged the girl towards her car.

“Think,” she spoke imperceptibly, “DRABS”. She checked for response
again, opened the airway, checked for breathing and then signs of
life. She was surprisingly calm. She remembered all her first-aid
training sessions.

“I’m a firstaider. Don’t worry, I’m just going to put you in the
recovery position.” She said it more to herself than to the girl. She
never thought she’d ever be doing this for real. She gently...

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