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"Perfect" By Natasha Friend Essay

538 words - 2 pages

This book is about a girl who has emotional issues. She makes herself think that she is fat and makes herself throw up. When her mom finds out what she is doing she has her go to group. At group she sees the most popular girl in her school named Ashley Barnum. Isabelle never thought she would see Ashley at group because she was supposedly the perfect person. Ashley was rich and pretty so she was thought of as perfect people just didn't know about her problems so they assumed. When Isabelle found out that Ashley not only made herself throw up, but also took ex-lax, she lost some respect for her and also gained some respect in an odd way because she thought it was a good thing that Ashley knew about that stuff.Isabelle had lost her father and that was why she was having emotional issues. Not only had she lost her Father but her mother didn't want to deal with the loss of her father so it made it harder all around. Isabelle would go on binges, she wouldn't eat all day then after dinner she would go to her room and eat a bunch of junk food then throw it up. After a while in group she would do this every day, especially when she stayed at Ashley's house. Sometimes she didn't really want to because it would start to hurt. It was because she was throwing up too much. She still would though. In a way it made her feel better. Then after longer in group she would think about it before she threw...

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