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The perfect forward for hockey is about 6 foot 2, and is about 220 pounds of muscle. They need a good aerobic and anaerobic system if they are to be at the peak of there performance. A normal forward uses 80% of the ATP-PC system and about 20% of their Lactic Acid system. For them to be at there best they need to train in three different programs: 1. They need an off-season program, which will get them into condition to be conditioned and also improve their strength. 2. They need preseason training with will mainly help them improve their ATP-PC system, and that’s where they’re going to get their explosiveness. 3. This is the in-season training, which is simply used to maintain your muscle endurance, muscle strength, your condition and flexibility.
Off-Season is the time when hockey players build their base foundation. There is no coach on your shoulder pushing you to the limit and you need to keep that foundation if you are to compete at a high level. This is the only time of year you have to build on your muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and aerobic conditioning. It usually will take about 6-8 weeks, three to five times a week to be at the peak of your performance, but if you are suffering from injury like a aggravated groin or suck, it may take as long as 12 weeks of base training.
Aerobic training is probably one of the most important cause not only does it improve your cardiovascular efficiency and recovery but it allows you to train harder to improve your speed, power and quickness which will help you in high intensity games. It also allows you to repeat the movements. All players have done suicides at one point or another and as it goes on your legs start to feel like dead weights, which is because of an inferior aerobic system. If you have a good base between suicides your muscle will replenish themselves, exactly like during a whistle in hockey. This is essential if you want to compete at a high intensity. For this you will need train the system and by doing so you can do some in-line skating, rowing, cycling or even water running. It is suggested that you use more then one of these and at best do as many as possible.
The more strength you have available to perform hockey skills, the more likely you are to perform those skills at a high level. For example a weak set of leg muscle result in poor starts and stops. Therefore the more you can repeat these skills at a high level the better the odds are that you will dominate over you opponents. A perfect example is John LeClair he he’s almost impossible for a defensemen to move from in front of the net and he will do it to you all game long. Thereby the Muscle Strength and Endurance program is based on a core list of exercise that will help you establish good bases for your upper body for shooting and lower body skills used for skating power and agility. Yet the most important part of a forward is their torso that will provide a stability required for most hockey skills....

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