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Wilson Wilson
SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Devyn WilsonProfessor AinsworthEnglish 11134 March 2014Perfect ImperfectionsIn today's society, men and women across the world are highly influenced by the faces of photoshopped celebrities and models in magazines and ads across newsstands. Virtually every image that we see in various forms of advertisements are cut and cropped to live up to unrealistic expectations. When will our society realize that it's perfectly okay to have cellulite, stretch marks, a few extra pounds, and uneven breasts? When will we learn to love our imperfections?We've all had that embarrassing zit that just won't go away or maybe those gray hairs that seem to magically appear. What are you to do in order to avoid embarrassment? Photoshop might just be your temporary fix. With a few clicks of a button, your minor imperfections have vanished. Do you have an uneven complexion? Airbrushing is the magic potion to use to attain the flawless, glowing skin that you've always dreamt of. There is one question looming in the back of everyone's mind, though. When do photoshopping experts cross the line? I believe that when they make an average sized woman look anorexic, the line has no doubt been crossed. In magazines, images are nipped and tucked to make us [society] think that those people really are 'perfect.' Through Adobe Photoshop and other similar programs, such as iPiccy, celebrities and model's bodies are altered in unimaginable ways. If they have stretch marks along the tops of their thighs, loose skin under their arms, or even just freckles on their face, the simple and natural imperfections are long gone. When will we learn that true happiness is acquired once we learn to accept our flaws?Seeing as we are part of the social media age, it's hard to tell real from fake. As young women scroll through their Instagram and Twitter feed, we often come across photos of intimidatingly beautiful women with toned, fit bodies. We begin to think thoughts such as the following: I wish I could be as pretty as her, I wish I was that tan, or even, why aren't my breasts as big as hers? The list goes on and on, folks.The fact that these images are so widely accepted is becoming a mental health issue. Psychological studies have shown a positive correlation between media exposure and female body dissatisfaction. An article in the Psychological Bulletin states that "…the images of women presented in the media today are thinner than past media images of women, thinner than the actual female population, and often thinner than the criteria for anorexia. (Ascensio)It's depressing to see that our generation has stooped so low that young women starve themselves to be skinny. Let me just say one thing; a full plate with healthy foods is much better than an empty plate! If you aren't happy with the way you look due to those few extra pounds you put on over the holiday, or maybe all that emotion-induced eating after you broke up with your significant other,...

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