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Perfect Plan: Do The Best You Can

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Every student has experienced it: stress paired with the pressure to attain worthy grades. Each day, teens are blasted with stressors such as receiving an irrational amount of homework in English class or not comprehending the new biology unit. This stress does not promote actual learning; students only wish to receive high grades. While loading students up with tough work may seem like a surefire way of promoting academic achievement, pressure can essentially impair a students’ ability to do well in school. The effects of pressure on students can lead to cheating, anxiety and health problems, and lost interest in school.
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Because of the fear of failure, values seem to get lost in school; students only care about the grade. According to Linette Ho, seventy-three percent of freshmen said they had cheated at some point in high school and 53 percent admitted to continuing to cheat in college. This is according to a survey of 15,000 undergraduate students at eleven Canadian university campuses completed by Julia Christensen Hughes of the University of Guelph and Donald McCabe of Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Additionally, stress and anxiety can stem from pressures caused by school. In a study done by the University of Illinois, 45 percent of students feel depressed and 28 percent are anxious (Powell). Depression is clearly linked with lack of motivation and interferes with concentration and learning. University of Illinois Professor of Psychology Karen Rudolph says, “When people are depressed they start to make negative attributions about their abilities” (qtd. in Powell). Between homework load and social interactions, students commonly feel like they are not on the same level as their peers, adding still more stress to an already strained teen.
Health problems, such as sleep loss, can be an effect of the pressures of school as well. Losing rest from procrastination and stress is a major reason some students struggle academically. In the University of Illinois survey, 73.51 percent of students said stress made them lose sleep, and 60 percent were not getting enough sleep (Powell). Most sleep-deprived teens can not work well; but it seems there is simply not enough time in a day to accomplish everything and sleep adequately.
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