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Perfect Society: The Effects Of Human Genetic Engineering

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Many citizens strive to make our society a better one for everyone. By attempting to filter out genetic inferiorities, many believed there were positive effects to the idea of eugenics. Many historic eugenicists thought society would be better by preventing the births of people afflicted with these inheritable diseases. This sterilization movement was very flawed in the early 20th century. Much of the data collected and methods used by eugenicists determined why certain individuals were malleable to a society. There were many reasons why eugenics failed then and it is still flawed today. Human genetic engineering is eliminates certain traits to continue in future generations to man make a perfect society. Even with a perfect society there will be people who will not be able to fit that category. There are some negative long-term effects to human genetic engineering. Negative long term effects from human genetic engineering causes consequences that widen the socio-economic gap as well as limits genetic diversity.
Advances in genetics and reproductive technology have opened the door to a new form of eugenics, termed “human genetic engineering,” that is focused on repairing faulty genes associated with disease or other health conditions. This is done through gene therapy, which is the alteration of a genome that could take place in the sperm and egg cells, alters the traits that a child is born with. Human genetic engineering is the science of manipulating an individual’s genetic makeup, with the intention of altering observable traits. The genes are manipulated our to make our bodies better in IQ and muscle strength. The changes would be inheritable and passed down through the generations. I recall from the article, “From Soft to Hard Heredity” by Diane Paul, eugenicists believed, “if a trait ran in families, it was assumed to be inherited.” Many eugenicists focused on how unwanted inheritable traits were passed down. Certain traits were so unfavorable that eugenics felt like they linked to social failure. Those factors determine how the following generations will turn out. The manipulation of genes eliminates traits from continuing in the future. While scientists believe this will positively affect society, really it just causes equality and social uproar.
Human genetic engineering has the power to shape the future of the human race, but they do not consider the inequality it would create. Many articles consulted have come to the opinion that genetically engineering designer babies is wrong because the socio-economic divide would become increasingly more noticeable and potentially more hostile. As people begin to make superior changes in their offspring, the rest of the population will be left with inferior children unless they too join in the practice of designing their baby. This equality is caused by a variety of different reasons like education, income, and access. The cost of providing this engineering, only some will be...

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