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What Makes A Student The Perfect Student?

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As you enter the red bricked school building on the first day, you do not know who your teacher will be. It could be a tall, old, young or nasty woman or man. But you always try to make yourselves presentable, since the first impression is always the last. Some students come, sit with their heads down, and speak nothing for the period. Others just disperse in the back posting pictures on instagram of their first day of school. However the not so ordinary student introduces themselves, tells the class what they did over the summer, and starts asking teacher questions even before the teacher has taught the lesson. They stand out from the rest. By the end of the day, the teacher has already figured out who the “perfect student” is.
The “Perfect Student” does not necessarily have to be smart. The “Perfect Student” is a hardworking soul who can be counted on to do the right thing. They abide by the rules and meet the teacher’s expectations. You can always tell a perfect student apart from the others. They are always handing in their homework, doing extra credit, and answering every question in class.
When I was in 10th grade, I met George. According to me, he was the “Perfect Student.” He always got the star student award, and there was nothing less than a big fat red “A” on his paper. He worked hard and carried his binder, the size of a suitcase everywhere to class. His papers would be lined up neatly and organized. He talked as if he read the dictionary every day. His mind was full of arduous words that only he would understand. He carried new, sharpened pencils and his pens never missed a cap. One time in class, he had forgotten to do his project for Spanish. His face starting sweating, and it was as if he was about to have a panic attack. I did not know how to calm him down. I actually was getting a kick out of it, since it was the first time he had missed something. The teacher was not going to be mad. She knew he always did the right thing and this was the first time. George then called his parents to drop off the pictures and within the next period he had completed the project. He could not...

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