Perfection At A Price: Athetles And Doping

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Although pressure from society plays a colossal role in the use of PED’s, the two prominent reasons for doping go hand in hand, fame and wealth. Many athletes feel compelled to use these substances in hopes that it will result in them gaining recognition and money (Silverstein 25). If athletes can perform well, they will be viewed as a thriving athlete and will be in the spotlight much longer, gaining them millions of dollars in the process. When professionals perform well, they receive endorsements from different companies as well as a variety of opportunities to be a sponsor for a variety of programs (Gravelee, Fogelman, Alexander). When interviewed, all three medical professionals agreed that most, if not all, celebrities that consume these drugs, do it under the impression that it was the only way to make money. Folgeman states that “their earnings are directly tied to winning. The more wins, the more endorsements and contracts. If these athletes are not at the top of their game they will be replaced by someone who can do their job efficiently” (Gravelee, Fogelman, Alexander). This is a crucial example of how disposable athletes are viewed by society. Once they can no longer entertain the media, by performing at the top of their game, they will be replaced with someone who is capable of doing so, taking their fame and fortune with them.
One of the most known instances of doping in athletics is Lance Armstrong, a former Olympic cyclist. Armstrong won seven Tour de France events and was doping throughout all of these triumphs. Armstrong stated in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he cheated because “he felt it was the only way to win” and stated he was “viewed as so much more than what he actually was” and therefore had to live up to what was expected of him by the general public (Armstrong). When asked, he admitted to knowing the side effects of the drugs but was still willing “to risk it all in order to win it all” (Armstrong). Armstrong is a primary example of athletes who are willing to deteriorate their health to please society and gain money. Not only was he caught doping, but according to the United States Anti-Doping Agency, “He was also a dope pusher who supplied banned substances to his teammates and threatened to replace cyclists who refused to use them” (O’keefee). In June of 2012, Armstrong was charged with doping and drug trafficking, but the case was tossed out in August that year; however, Armstrong later announced that he would not fight the charges due to all the evidence against him (O’keefee). After his scandal hit worldwide, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life, and he is also barred from participating in any events organized with the World Anti-Doping Agency (O’keefee). In addition to this, Armstrong was dropped by all his sponsors, as well as his own charity foundation, Livestrong. Armstrong faced many consequences, both professionally and personally, in addition...

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