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Perfection (Persuasive Essay)

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"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" "You are." (Snow White)Ah, yes, the Evil Queen. She was wicked, terrible, and horrid - or was she? Maybe she was just a normal, average person seeking acceptance. Maybe she felt the need to be the best, to achieve perfection. Or, maybe she was just insecure, seeking to put others down because of a misguided past. Whatever the reason was - society, perfection, insecurity; the Evil Queen felt that she had to be better than everyone else, or at least the best a person can possibly be. In society today, many of us are replicas of the Evil Queen, putting on ourselves a heavy burden in order to obtain perfection, yet kill ourselves in the process as she did. Instead of trying to be absolutely perfect, why not simply try our best and know our limits, rather than die striving to achieve an impossible goal?What do you see every time you look into the mirror? Unless you're one of the blessed few, you usually see the imperfections. The tiniest details that no one else notices, but you blow it out of proportion. What do you see when you see me? Some say, "A good student - inquisitive, creative, opinionated, and happy." That's quite different from what I see. When I look in the mirror I see...pimples, blemishes, imperfections, pain, rejection, stress, confusion, and frustration. It's all from our idealist society; it's all from the media, the school, or even your next door neighbor. The environment we're in makes it hard to come to terms with the fact that, in truth, perfection will and can never be achieved. We all say, "Oh, no one is perfect," and "Looks aren't important," but do we really believe it? We all try to achieve this perfect ideal, the idea of perfection in our idealist society - a goal that is absolutely unattainable. Do yourself justice, but there comes a time when further improvement will not significantly improve your cause, and it would be better to move on rather than wasting your time trying to perfect one thing. We were created in God's image to be perfect, but after the fall of Adam, we are now born with a sinful nature and therefore unable to achieve this form of absolute perfection. The line needs to be drawn between perfection and agonizing; too often we struggle to be what we know that we cannot.Perfection is hidden behind a curtain of lies. Every time you open up a magazine, it stares at you right in the face - self-improvement, perfection. We see the perfect models with the perfect bodies. They have the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect teeth. We look at it and say, "I know that's all done with computers. That model doesn't look like that in real life. That model has blemishes, imperfections, and probably anorexia," but is that how...

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