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Perfectly Imperfect Essay

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Perfectly Imperfect
Society has a reputation of what a women should strive to be. Throughout the years ridiculous expectations has labeled a women. A woman should know how to: cook, clean, raise kids, take care of the household, be seen not heard, all while maintaining their figure and looks. Women are the heart of the household and family in most situations without her everything would fall apart. Society has corrupted the minds of many with the false images of women. In the poem “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy and “Marks” by Linda Pastan they share a common theme of women in their society in time. that are being upheld to certain expectations. Both poems were written within ten ...view middle of the document...

That enhancing one’s looks can alter the way people feel about them or how they truly feel about themselves. Society has embedded that into minds for years that it is expected of a girl.
Piercy was expressing her opinion on the challenges a woman goes through about being critiqued and compared to a Barbie doll. “In the casket displayed on satin she lay with the undertaker’s cosmetic painted on […] doesn’t she look pretty? Everyone said consummation at last, to every woman a happy ending.” In these lines Piercy is stating the little girl cut off her imperfections she was judged on. The little girl went o thee extremes of cutting her flaws to satisfy society. The casket is like a Barbie doll box and she is the doll being admired inside. She is painted perfect with the cosmetics and everyone thinks she is beautiful, and that is every woman’s dream; to be admired. The little girl is a plastic representation of what she used to be. She changed herself to be accepted and many women fall into that stereotype. Plastic surgery has become a big trend in the United States. It does not matter the age. Many women have or will agree to cosmetic procedures in order to enhance their beauty and self esteem. The opinions of the people in ones’ life can affect the way you perceive yourself. Opinions from loved ones can either uplift you or discourage your confidence.
Being a woman there are many aspirations I should strive for; such as having kids and becoming a mom. Being a mother and wife is a very hard job. You are responsible for others’ well being and a life partner to your husband. Many families take the woman of the family for granted. That is another challenge for women today. They put themselves last and sacrifice own pleasures for their loved ones. Dealing with stress from your family on a day to day basis can cause a feeling of almost resentment. In “Marks”,by Linda Pastan, the woman...

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