Perfoemance Reviews/Decision Making: Describe At Least 4 6 Problems That Occur When Managers Complete Performance Reviews.

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AbstractEmployee performance reviews are a very stressful time for managers, supervisors and employees. This paper identifies five major problems that managers and supervisors have when they conduct employee performance reviews. This paper will also provide helpful suggestions on how to correct and avoid the five major problems of employee performance reviews. There are specific things that supervisors and managers can do to motivate their employees year round and elevate the stress of the employee performance views.Problems with Performance ReviewsPerformance reviews are commonly approached with a high anxiety levels by both employees and managers. However, performance reviews are intended to motivate employees or team members to a work efficiently and effectively. They are also intended to improve the relationships between the employees and the managers. It is still a fact that the people receiving and giving appraisals find them to be very stressful. This is because the evaluation process always creates additional work for managers, and employees (Wolfe, 2004). Managers have a tendency of procrastinating when it comes to getting ready for performance reviews because they can be a lot of extra work. Managers have a tendency to rush through the reviews to get them over with. This is not fair to the employees, and it can lead to bad morale even if the overall performance reviews are rated positively or high above average. A review that is done fast and careless sends a bad message to the employees and the business. The employee being reviewed will feel as though they are not important to their job or the business and that the manager does not care about them. When sitting and discussing the employee's strengths and weaknesses it can put both the supervisors and employees into a situations that most people find very uncomfortable ( companies or corporations usually have very specific criteria for reviewing the performance of employees. Small companies or businesses usually let the individual managers decide on how they will perform their employee reviews. There are five major problems that managers have when conducting a performance reviews.There is usually high inconsistency in performance rating scales. One supervisor would rate an employee a 7 out of 10 because the manager does not believe that anyone deserves a "10". Although another supervisor rates an employee higher than they deserve hoping this will increase the employee's confidence and their work performance. If the performance ratings of the employees are tied to a salary increases, this will create tension and conflict amongst the employees ( performance reviews are not provided regularly managers or supervisors have a tendency to only evaluate an employee's performance based on their most recent performance, not their performance over the course of the year (Wolfe, 2005).Managers or supervisors are usually trying to...

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