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Feedback will be the strongest management tool used. Team members will be provided with constructive criticism in order to improve their job performance, however, they will also receive positive feedback will be used to reinforce good performance.Feedback will be provided on a regular basis, whenever management sees positive behavior as well as negative behaviour, in order to eliminate negative habits as soon as possible.In the event of negative performance, the employee will be given direct guidelines on how to improve performance. After reviewing the tasks that equate to positive performance, the employee will provide us with an explanation of what management expects from him. If all steps are clear, we will ask the employee to sign a document describing what is expected of him and a date for a new evaluation will be set no later than 2 months after the first feedback session.Reaching a Higher Level of PerformanceWe are confident that our employees have a strong sense of accomplishment and, therefore, our responsibility is to make sure their desire to succeed stays alive. In order to do so, performance will be rewarded on a regular basis in a way that is highly valued by our employees. The rewards will be chosen by asking our employees which benefits are important to them (pay, benefits, free time, merchandise, special privileges). During this entire procedure, employee feedback is extremely important so they should always be kept in the loop; this will ensure that whatever decisions are made, employees feel part of the process and the majority values those decisions, and the communication that will arise from this process will make the rules and rewards clear to all.Promotions and Other OpportunitiesOur goal is to make organizational rewards contingent on performance. As we said earlier, these rewards have to represent something of high value for our consultants. Throughout our experience, we've gathered that our employees value the opportunity of improving themselves through education; we would, therefore, reward performance with intensive training courses able of providing the employee with a certificate that will stay with them no matter where they are, whether with us or with another company (e.g. computer training courses, management courses, communication courses etc.). Of course, another highly valued reward would be providing our employees with promotion opportunities. In doing so, it is management's responsibility to outline exactly what is necessary to earn a promotion, and therefore, give employees the opportunity of making more money and a higher role within the company.Most of our employees also have families with young children, so we would like to make them part of the reward system as well. A much appreciated reward might be a paid family vacation to Disney World, or a one-quarter paid tuition reward for one of the children of our employees. We also realize that most of our employees' families have both husband and wife...

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