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Performance Evaluation On The Entry Level Skills Of Bs Psychology Alumni

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Performance evaluation is a process of identifying criteria or standards for determining how well employees are performing their jobs. This is a formalized means of assessing worker performance in comparison to certain established organizational standards. This is also a procedure for assessing the relative value of jobs in an organization for the purpose of establishing levels of compensation.
An evaluation should not only consist of performance capacity but also behavioral standards. In addition to gauge the potential growth of an employee the employer should specify some unique characteristics fitting to the industry of the company. The goal is to encourage professional excellence from the employees rather than be used as a tool to point out shortcomings. It specializes in creating standardized employee evaluation forms and performance review forms based on the industry of the company and serve as a practice on achieving the goals with the employees and customize the forms for the focus they are looking. The companies/institutions want to achieve higher accomplishments through the help of their designed evaluation forms and instructions which center on performance, communication and management.
Performance evaluation conducted to every employee is of great value to the services and operation of companies. That will be gathered the researchers’ study and analyze the patterns in administering employee evaluation.
Employees’ evaluations are important part of maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce. Employers should evaluate and assess their employees on a regular basis for the employee to receive feedback on the quality of work they do. Some of the key topics that should be covered in a thorough employee evaluation are work processes and results, communication skills, decision making skills,...

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