Performance Goals For A Child With Learning Disabilities

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Carlos is 12 years old Hispanic American in grade 7th. He is fine-looking, polite, admired, and hardworking. His Math is good and he has good skills in auditory processing. Unfortunately, local committee and special education has classified him as Learning Disabled. Learning Disability encompasses numerous types of learning problems. Following are 3 main Learning Disabilities he carries.

Precision or awareness

Most ordinary characteristics of student with Learning Disability is Reading. Carlos has reading obscurity, most of the time he lose his place when reading. He understands better what is read to him. He is also unable to identify the theme when reading.


Improve Carlos's reading skills, ability to understand the theme, impetus, interpretation and knowledge.

a. Dyslexia analysis will be accomplished every month. As he has said, if some things is read to him will be more understandable; Therefore, a special education teacher will interpret a particular text as many time as her require.

b. Six principles for early reading instruction by Bonnie Grossen will be strongly enforced. It includes Phonemic awareness, each letter-Phonemic relationship explicitly, high regular letter-sound relationship systematically, showing exactly how to sound out words, connected decodable text to practice the letter phonemic relationships and using interesting stories to develop language comprehension. Double deficit hypothesis which focuses on phonological awareness and rapid naming speed.

c. Informal reading inventories will be efficient for direct observing and recording aspects of students reading skills.

2. Writing:

Carlos's handwriting and writing skills needs major improvement. Writing is barely legible with many spelling errors. Oftentimes his grammar is terrible and he severely lacks the clarity. His notes are also much unorganized.


Improve Carlos's handwriting and writing skills and increase his vocabulary where he can explain his idea by using few organized sentences and appropriate words.

a. Focus on cognitive process. Make him memorize easy vocabulary and show him the best way to use them.

b. Constant practice of easy writing using regular wording and phrases.

c. Retrieve-and-Write...

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