Performance Management And Employee Satisfaction, By Milica And Milos Jaksic.

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The study of PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION is written by Milica and Milos Jaksic. In this paper they trying to relate human resource management practices on performance management that help to satisfaction of employee. HRM measuring employee performance and having valuable feedback helps to get higher achievement and better performance within the organisation. Moreover trying to focus on managerial effort that will improve the employee performance as well there satisfaction on work and matching the overall organisational achievement.

In various aspects and dimensions in literature, Employee satisfaction considered as one of the human resources management goal. As more it also viewed as one of the organisational culture impact by which the overall philosophy and attitude , belief, values and dominant goals are established in the organisation(Jaksic et al. 2012, p87).

In the success of the organisation, highly educated employee and there satisfaction with the workplace and the assignments they fulfil is more important originally written by Guest(2002 cited in Jaksic.M and Jaksic M, p 87).

Among many definition of Performance management, (Ivancevich, 2001, p243) define employe performance management is the process in which executive, manager and supervisors work together to combine employee performance with organisational goal.

Employee satisfaction can be analysed as one of the human resources management goals and main target of strategic management where it start with the satisfaction from key stakeholders in defining mission, strategy and aims of the organisation.

Kearns (2000,p 20 citied on Jaksci M and Jaksic M, p 88) trying to define PDCA model( Plan-Do-Check-Act), which help to develop better performance management. Planning provides the information the about on what want to appraise and improve.Doing is about putting some action to improve. Checking defining the compare between real and planned job done and at last Action is define the level of differentiate and finding solution to overcome the difference.

Perfomance management system is a creation on measuring performance and satisfaction of the employee. HR manager has to be responsible to create better practices of PM, for maximise the employee performance. In which following six elements has to be considered (Kearns, 2000 p, 73 citied on Jaksic.M and Jaksic M, p 88).
-Process and systems
-Capability and

In journal ‘PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION’, author made an empirical research in a large Serbian Pubic Company with the complex structure of 1500 organisational units an 15,000 employees. The research is based on Capabilities appraisal to the demands of the workplace, Work place performance standards...

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