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The organization’s goals and missions can be effectively accomplished if the employees are adequately involved in their operations. Platts & Sobótka (2010, p. 349) claim that the employee being the main factor that determines whether the organization excels or not, should be treated in a manner that will make him improve his willingness to perfect his work. Performance of an organization is dependent on three factors: the first factor is the inputs which is a category of employees who offer their skills, knowledge and competence. The second factor is the human resources who have a role of transforming the inputs into outcomes. The third factor is the output and this is dependent on the work behavior of the inputs and the human resource. Management of the employee’s performance includes: work planning and setting expectations; performance monitors; developing and improving performance capacity; performance rating and rewarding for excellent performance.
Management of Employee Performance
Effectiveness in an organization can be achieved if planning is done in advance. In planning the organization’s performance expectations are set and individual and group’s goals are identified which should aim at accomplishing the organization’s objectives. Employees should be involved in the planning process and involving them make them have a better understanding of the organization’s goals. Duff (2010, pp. 68-72) suggests that employees involved in planning have a better understanding of what is to be done, the reason for doing and the best ways in which it should be done.
Planning employee performance require establishment of performance standards and elements which should be measurable, achievable, understandable, equitable and verifiable. Critical elements can also be established and in such elements, employees are accountable for their responsibilities and work assignments. The performance plans should be flexible so that changes in programs or working environments can be adjusted to.
Effective management must continuously monitor projects and assignments through consistent measurement of performance and issuing a feedback to employees. Progress reviews should be conducted together with employees and the performance compared against the required standards. Monitoring assists in determining the employee’s progress, whether they are meeting standards set. Incase they are not meeting the set standards changes are done by assisting them in achieving standards.
Organizations should make a summary of their employee’s performance and should know their best performers. The rating should be per individual not for the whole group. After identifying best performers actions should be taken for example, giving pay increase or giving retention service if there is a reduction if the force.
Any effective management should monitor the performance of its employees and address all development needs. Through development, employee’s...

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