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Performance Management Appraisal System Essay

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The execution performance management requires the participation of numerous players (Managers, supervisors, and subordinates). For the system to succeed and accepted, clear understanding about the system is needed for effective implementation. Supervision and explanation of performance appraisal system is very crucial element for performance. ‘‘Merely developing a model of the strategy does not ensure the strategy will be successful.’’ Othman (2008, p. 261). Clarifying goals and supervising regularly help to develop people, improve performance, and satisfaction. Therefore, Supervision and explanation is appropriate for all employees regardless of how well or poorly they perform.

The research report was carried out to study the mind-sets of teachers from different ethnic background in Malaysia toward the new Performance-appraisal system, outcome-oriented performance appraisal or NPAS - New Performance Appraisal (Rahman, 2006). The study showed that teachers from different ethnic background were less favourable about the new system and there have since been many criticisms of the appraisal systems. Thess criticisms were due to lack of human relations. The NPAS is also criticised for being antagonistic and ignoring the external environment variables (common characteristics of a particular group) e.g. the issue of collective and individualistic cultures. This was evident in the report as the NPAS was adapted from a foreign culture (Rahman, 2006). Nadler and Tushman (1999) in their article, also prescribe the significance of maintaining the close relationship between the organization and the environment it operates on. Statistically, test carried out shows that supervision and explanation of the performance appraisal influenced teachers’ tendency to improve their performance (Rahman, 2006) regardless of their cultural backgrounds. The illustrations and investigation provide evidence that participants that were not supervised, tend to leave teaching for higher paying job, lost interest and demotivated towards teaching, thus, making them...

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