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Performance Management At The University Of Ghana

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Performance Management at the University of Ghana
The Balme library at the University of Ghana as implemented a performance management (PM) system to serve their diverse customer base. However, there have been issues with the PM system that was put in place. Some issues are the lack of a job analysis, employees are rated on vague items, and management does not work with the employees with feedback or development. Out of these issues the most important one is the lack of training and development by the managers. This issue can cause the greatest amount of trouble with the performance management system that is being implemented by the Balme library.
Management Feedback and Development
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Next, is the performance planning step (Aguinis, 2013). This is where the management and employee meets to discuss the development plan (Aguinis, 2013). Items such as the results and behaviors that the employee will be rated on. This is extremely critical step. If the employee does not understand what they will be rated on, they do not know how to do the job that is expected of them, or how to get better at their job.
Subsequently, performance execution occurs. This is the step in which the employee commits to the goals that were set forth in the last step (Aguinis, 2013). This is also where the employee should ask for feedback and coaching with management (Aguinis, 2013). If there are no goals set for the employee this step will be ignored completely.
Then, the performance assessment occurs. This is where the employee and the management evaluate the behaviors and goals that were set forth in the performance planning step (Aguinis, 2013). If the management is not involved, and all goal are general to the library staff this step is truly not beneficial for anyone. Due to the lack of planning for the PM process this step is completely skipped within the Balme library PM process.
After, the performance review step occurs. This is the step where the management and the employee meet formally to discuss the year’s goals (Aguinis, 2013). The management and employees meet to understand the outcomes of the goals and where they stand. This step is also not going to be beneficial for most. If the employees do not understand their job duties, are being rated on a general job description for everyone, and they have not received feedback throughout the year they will not benefit from a formal meeting.
Lastly, the performance renewal and recontracting is meant to be the closing step in the PM process (Aguinis, 2013). This step is similar to the planning step in that it reviews what was learned from the previous year, and helps to change the goals so...

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