Performance Management: Ways To Integrate Two Staff Teams Within An Organization

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Explore ways to implement change for a successful integration of two staff teams within an organisation.


Performance management combines effective management skills, planning, communication, action, assessment and reporting in order to maintain a constant cycle of improvement. This is to ensure that organisations achieve their objectives and local communities are receiving the best possible outcomes.

The management issue I have chosen to investigate is in relation to the integration of the youth service team and the youth offending team into the Folkestone Youth Hub. The issue is that the integration has not been successful. Both teams are working independently of each other and it is not encouraging performance development in order to improve the services provided for young people.

Handy used an analogy that compared Managers to General Practitioners, which has influenced the way I have structured my analysis. Handy suggested that Managers often attempt to treat the ‘symptoms’ of an issue instead of the cause of the ‘disease’. Through research, I will identify the possible causes of the issue and attempt to indicate a variety of solutions that I would use to manage the integration more successfully. Through discussion I will show how the issue stems from gaps in the structural, ideological, procedural and interpersonal aspects of the organisation.

Discussion and Analysis

Contributing Factors

When carrying out research into this management issue many factors relating to this specific team were surfacing and it became clear that in order to explore solutions, causes of the problem must first be identified.

• Environmental factors

When the teams were moved into the Youth Hub, the information given explained that there would be 2 floors of office space and all computers were hot desks, so that individuals were encouraged to mix with each other and not claim ownership over an area of the office. Each team member was also given a locker to store confidential information so that nothing was left on desks at the end of the working day. In reality, the teams naturally separated. One floor contained a room of admin staff and a room of management staff and youth service staff. The floor above became the youth offending team floor. Without the correct environment, the team can not flourish.

• Personal

Both teams had recently gone through a restructure, resulting in changes of location, managers, staff and projects. This naturally caused anxiety in the teams due to the feeling of instability in the service knowing that the new structure was not long term and there was no job security, as a further restructure was on the horizon. This created low morale in both teams before the integration happened, and the attempts to diffuse these feelings were a mix of disorganised joint meetings and morale boosting speeches from managers who did not believe the positive things they were scripted to say.

• Climate...

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