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Performance Objectives For The Los Angeles Tribune

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Ranking tasks according to importance is a cumbersome procedure for anyone, above all in the business world. Therefore, the time required to accommodate all of our actions that are geared in relation to the goal is quite small. That is why, a third person viewpoint needs to be taken to distinguish and separate between the most significant and less significant tasks. This assignment will disclose a goal-setting outline concentrating on three critical problems confronting the Los Angeles Tribune, explain the consistent strategies, tactics, activities, measures of success, and goal measurements proposed to be placed into operation.
The Los Angeles Tribune (LAT) is confronting a number of serious problems that could potentially devastate the business. Among these issues; (1) circulation revenue is down, (2) advertising revenue is down, and (3) the current number of employees cannot continue to be supported if revenue continues to shrink. Nevertheless, the LAT continues to make every effort to be the leading circulated newspaper in the city of Los Angeles, even when encountering several obstacles. To conquer these problems, leaders and managers evenly will need to rethink the mission and vision of their cherished employer; the Los Angeles Tribune.
Goal-setting Framework for Boosting Circulation Revenue
In a company such as the LAT, objectives should be detailed, measurable, reasonable, and timely. According to the book Leadership for Today and the Future, goal setting for organizations, start with strategic planning and the creation of organization-level goals (London & Mone, 2012, sec.3.4). For the LAT, this involves organizing the criteria necessary to increase their circulation revenue in a time where economic difficulty has been handed to our country. Additionally, with technological advancements continuing to grow, people who in the past bought a subscription to have the LAT delivered to their houses are now getting the latest and most current news online.
This could turn out to be detrimental to the circulation department at the LAT if procedures are not taken to maintain their circulation revenue. One option that has the ability of increasing their revenue is giving a discounted online subscription to their newspaper. This option has the potential to enhance revenue by going after the younger, more technological sharp individuals while continuing home delivery for the older individuals who do not use the internet.
To assist the circulation departments at the LAT to boost their revenue, particular goals for the department will need to be employed and the employees will need to be trained to process additional online subscription transactions. Daily, weekly, and monthly goals need to be in place regarding the number of subscriptions each employee is liable for. Likewise, the employees solely connected to the home circulation sales department need to be ready to knock on potential customer’s doors.
Additionally, when the...

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