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Performance Of A Hybrid Vehicle Compared To A Gasoline Vehicle: Ford Fusion 2013 Se

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Around the year of 1893, the first gasoline American car with an internal combustion engine was built and since that year until the late 18th century electric vehicles were introduced in the United States. Moreover, the Hybrid Lohner-Porsche became the first car that runs on gasoline and electricity. Hybrid combined two, the electric and the internal combustion engine propulsion systems, or more power sources to drive the vehicle. The new hybrid vehicles are more efficient and powerful in the term of technology and economy; it provides an improved car that is environmental friendly. Ford Company is a leading automaker in hybrid vehicles; the company started to produce this kind of automobiles back in 2000. One of their economic cars is the Ford Fusion Hybrid model which launched the market first in 2010.

The Ford Fusion 2013 SE hybrid vehicle is one of the latest models that have been modified a lot in term of gas consumption. In this research, the performance parameters of the gasoline version of Ford Fusion 2013 SE and the hybrid version of the same model were recorded and compared thoroughly. The parameters which were compared are the ratings in fuel economy, horsepower, acceleration, braking and handling, vehicle weight and price, as we as some other technical aspects of both cars.

The SE 2013 model of Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan vehicle that has a great fuel economy compared to the other competitors of the same size. It also has a nice looking design and offers an enjoyable and comfortable drive. The gasoline and hybrid of the same model shared the same size engine of 2.0L with 4 cylinder engine that runs on automatic transmission. According to the U.S Department of Energy, the Ford Fusion 2013 SE Hybrid Electric Vehicle ratings in fuel economy (with regular gasoline) is 47MPG in cities and the same on highways and the combined fuel rating is 47MPG; for each 100 miles it burns 2.1 gallons. However, for the gasoline version, it the ratings are 22MPG in cities and 33MPG on highways; also, the combined fuel rating is 26MPG.
The U.S Department of Energy has conducted a comparison of fuel economy "based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current fuel prices"[3] ($3.50/gal) shows that with Ford Fusion 2013 SE Hybrid car the driver can save about $6000 in gas prices during 5 years compared to the average new hybrid car; while, with the gasoline version, the driver can save about $1500 after 5 years of using the car. The gasoline annual fuel price is about $2000 and the hybrid annual fuel price is $1100 based on the same listed ratings. The following table "Table 1" shows a comparison between the gasoline and the hybrid Ford Fusion 2013 SE Car in terms of fuel economy and mileage ratings ":

Table 1: ratings are "based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current fuel prices"
Regular Gasoline ($3.5/gal) Regular Gasoline ($3.5/gal)
Cost to Drive 25 Miles $1.86 $3.37
Fuel to Drive 25 Miles 0.5...

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