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Performance Self Evaluation Essay

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In this paper I critically reflect on five different self-assessments: locus of control (LOC), emotional intelligence (EI), listening self-inventory, team member type and conflict management. Throughout my discussion, I focus on their correlations and apply the gathered information to my work-life experiences. I will also provide a systematic assessment of each of these questionnaires. This evaluation will address any possible weaknesses I had found within the tests and prepare my final conclusions based upon those final educated results.
Locus of Control & Emotional Intelligence Relationship:
I scored moderate on the LOC, (specifically internal LOC) and EI assessments. When evaluating these two tests I found a relationship between my control of emotions and my fate. These surveys made it apparent that my capability to control my feelings provides a higher internal LOC. As Mohapatra and Gupta’s (2010) study suggests, “Being in charge of one's emotions leads a person to believe that he's in control of his/her life and can attain his/her goals by well directed efforts” (p. 16). At work I run into this correlation every time I am dealing with a customer. When I am socially aware of their emotions, I can micro manage my own emotions accordingly. In succession, this increases my relationship management capability. If I do not maintain a high level of EI at work I see my customers’ dissatisfaction as my fault. Therefore, when taking the fate of my customers’ happiness into my own hands, whether it goes bad or good, depends on my handling of the surrounding emotions. Before this test I had not critically thought about how I handled my emotions in a work setting. This helped me understand the connection between being in control of my own fate and the emotions involved in doing so. Knowing this, I will be able to pinpoint what may be lacking in terms of customer satisfaction. When I look back to rough days they were generally caused because I would blame an alternative to myself. For example, in my business 100 project we had one member who would not help. I was frustrated and attributed him for our poor mark. I now know I should have fired him and split up his work with the rest of the team instead of leaving it to last minute. I should have taken control of my own fate and reasoned with the emotions I was feeling at that moment. Today I feel that I have a much stronger EI and my LOC is improving subsequently.
Critical Discussion on the Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment:
The correlation between these two surveys was clearly apparent and understandable. However, I believe my moderate score in EI in the workplace is actually quite low. Working at a pharmacy for over two and half years I feel that I have maintained a very high level of EI as per Mayer et al’s (2003) definition: “set of skills concerned with the processing of emotion-relevant information and measured with ability-based scales” (p. 97). I have been extremely fustrated at...

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