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Performer or Public Enemy?In recent times the media has campaigned against controversial performers suggesting that they should be banned from British stages.Some people argue that popular performers can act as positive role models to young people. Lots of performers do charity work such as 'Comic Relief' and some other performers do their own charity fundraising events such as Ronan Keating, who's mother died of cancer, so he set up a charity called 'The Marie Keating Foundation' which he has done lots of fundraising for like a sponsored walk across Ireland. Other performers use other methods of putting positive messages across to young people such as Eminem who sings about real life issues that effect many peoples lives everyday therefore he is introducing young people into issues that they may face. Also the Black Eyed Peas in their son 'where is the love' they sing about the effects and hardships of war.On the other hand some people believe that certain actions by a minority of popular performers can have a negative impact on young people. In songs such as 'Stan', by Eminem, the character Stan is obsessed with Slim, Eminem, he sends him lots of fan mail, when Slim doesn't reply he kills his girlfriend and commits suicide. There is also a heavy use of offensive language such as referring to women as 'bitches' and also swearing. Eminem also incorporates a lot of sensitive issues that many people regard as not being suitable for young people such as Self-harm, Stan admits to Slim that he has been cutting himself, "to see how much it bleeds", and that, "it is an adrenaline rush for him". Stan also drives under the influence of Drink and drugs I'm doing 90 on the freeway, hey slim do you dare me to drive... I'm on a 1000 downers now, I'm drowsy".There are some aspects of any artist's performance that some members of the public and music industry alike believe should be banned to protect the young or minority groups.Britney Spears was performing a concert in a foreign country where she performed with very little clothes on which greatly offended many people within that country. Britney should have respected that people from different countries have different cultures and beliefs and therefore performed more appropriately for them. Other artists who include a lot of swearing or content that may be considered as racist such as referring to black people as "niggers" or sexist such as referring to woman as "hos" should perhaps consider adapting their song lyrics in order to make them less insulting to certain minorities.It is a possibility that censorship could be used to protect young people from being negatively influenced by potentially harmful ideas. In some explicit songs such as Eminem's 'Stan' there are some issues that could provoke young people to act like the popular performers they listen to. Issues such as self-harm, taken drugs or consuming alcohol maybe should be censored to prevent young people from imitating actions by their favourite...

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