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Working At 14 And Paying For It

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Working at 14 - And Paying for It"Working at 14 - And Paying for It," an article by Thomas Hine, which appeared in the New York Times on November 26 emphasizes teenagers and their work-experiences while going to school. Thomas Hine is neither completely in favor of teenage employment nor he is against it. Hine is just presenting the facts to the readers based on his research. I believe he presents excellent facts and well formulated statistics based on his research on teenagers. On the other hand, a student named Yvonne Drosser believes that Hine should be more supportive of those teenagers who fulfill their education as well as part time employment. I believe her comments on this article are invalid and inaccurate.Drosser's response in her opening sentence states that Hine is "...arguing that employment is bad for teenagers. She believes Hine's response towards employment is a disturbance in a teenage's life. However, Hine never implies this. In fact, he collected many responses from the teenagers about their work experience and found that "the replies were overwhelmingly positive." Hine tries to gain understanding of working teenagers. Moreover, he explains a couple of examples of why he appreciates teenagers working. He states, "First, of course, there's the money..., but even more important is the sense of doing something that matters of being essential." He shows how much he understands young teenagers working by this statement that makes him realize that teens "thrive on the sense that somebody is counting on them."Furthermore, Hine feels that there is a strong association with the numbers of hours teenagers work and their load of schoolwork. He states that young teenagers are only affected "when the number of work hours exceeds 15 per week during the school year." According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), his study shows that "working more than 11 hours a week has strong correlation... that a teenager will smoke and drink, while more than 26 hours... the use of marijuana and cocaine... and significantly higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies." However, Hein also explains "modest amount of paid work - 10 to 12 hours a week... has a positive impact on young people." He explains that those students have higher grades and ability...

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