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Working Dogs Essay

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Dogs are very common in the world we know today. Many households have one or more. Dogs are trained to be pets. Not only trained to be pets, dogs are also trained for work. Dogs are getting used more and more in our work environment. House dogs can also be considered a working dog depending on why the dog is there. There are many jobs for dogs. Dogs make a big impact on our working and social lives.
There are many different types of work dogs. Some types of work dogs also have different jobs for which they are trained for. Law enforcement dogs, for instance, are normally detector dogs. Detector dogs have a large interest in fetching and retrieving. There are two major types of detector dogs. These types are narcotic detectors and explosive detectors. Narcotic detectors are used to search for drugs and narcotics. Explosive detector dogs are used to detect TNT and other like explosives. There are three main dog breeds used as law enforcement dogs. The German shepherd is the best breed for law enforcement. They are easily taught to attack with full control and know how to restrain someone without hurting them. They are very agile and strong. They have heart and are very brave dogs. Another breed used is the Labrador retriever. They are used as detector dogs, both narcotic and explosive. They naturally have the urge to retrieve things. Golden Retrievers are also great dogs for detecting, again, both narcotics and explosives.
There are certain requirements to become a law enforcement dog. They are normally males that are one or two years old. Males are used more because they are stronger and larger. Law enforcement dogs must have a keen sense of smell. They must be healthy and smart. They should be easily trained and respond well to commands. Selecting dogs can be tough. Normally the dogs are donated or brought in to be law enforcement dogs. Dogs that are shy and/or very aggressive are not selected although the dog must be aggressive enough towards a stranger who teases it. The dog mustn’t be afraid of guns. To test this, a person will fire a blank into the air and examine the dog’s reaction. If the dog becomes frightened or overly excited he/she is not selected. Narcotic detector dogs are selected after receiving a bunch of tests where the dog retrieves things. The dog must play fetch with a toy. The toy, in this case, is a towel. If the dog shows no interest in the towel or playing, the dog fails. The dog must get the toy even if thrown in or under a car. When the dog plays, it must be full of energy and friendly. If they are overly aggressive or growl they do not pass. Only one in forty dogs passes these tests. (Emert P. R., Law Enforcement dogs, 1985) Law enforcement dogs must be loyal. They need to protect their partner under any circumstances. They need to be able to think for themselves and attack on their own if their partner is in danger. Some people question the use of dogs. Dogs bring more fear than guns. A mean looking dog...

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