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Perfume The Story Of Murderer Essay

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Everyone in the class has different tastes, have different temperaments. And obviously have different desires. For my perfume reflects a person's character. A vast perfume brands available in this world example is Estee Lauder, DASHING, Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Giorgio Armani, Armani Emprio, Dunhill and others. And have we wondered if we were born at the place that is dirty and disgusting? Such us waste disposal at the place we were born, or at the market selling fish. I'm sure you're wondering what to do with my Opening of my headline
OK, let’s get on the go on my speech, background of Grenouillie.
Grenouilie born fish stall where his mother's place of employment. ...view middle of the document...

Now you already know the background grenouillie. Now I will continue my speech in a way grenouillie processing perfume.
Steps to process the perfume of a woman's body, The first step to smell a woman's body, The second step is to lure women, The third step is to kill woman, The fourth step wrap her with a cloth moistened, The fifth step is to scrape dirt women and The sixth step is fermenting checkers boil climb. Chain of murder; silent kill 24 beautiful virgin girls who have just reached sexual maturity. The victims were always naked, shaved, and have their virginity intact.
You have heard about how Grenouillie making perfume now I continue with the death in main point three.
Days later grenouillie found guilty and faced the death penalty. Standing front of many people. And he took out a handkerchief found Laure and 24 women's fragrance is chaste. The aroma that makes people bows to him and think of it as a god. Aroma of lust and passion sparked the divine honor. Enthusiasm diminished after, people feel disgusted and ashamed of their actions, and however they feel proud to have done something out of love. Grenouillie wanted to return to Paris to die there.

I have completed about perfume the story of murderer, in main point 1, main point 2 and main point 3 and now I come to an end with summary


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