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Sandra Isautier11C2Final DraftExplain what Act I, Scene VII tells us about the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. What is troubling Macbeth at the beginning of the scene and how does Lady Macbeth persuade him to go through with the murder of Duncan?As one reads Act I, scene VII, of Macbeth, they learn more about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's true character. At first, Macbeth seems troubled by the idea of killing Duncan; nevertheless, by the end of Act I, Lady Macbeth is able to persuade him to go through with the murder. The function of scene VII is to communicate Macbeth's turning point; where he makes his final decision. Previously in Act I, Macbeth manifests his loyalty to his king and country, however, after scene VII, Macbeth is no longer the loyal, strong and brave soldier he had been hitherto. Scene VII is the stage where Macbeth; when matters and people change and new theme start to develop, especially deception.Gradually throughout Act I, Macbeth's ambition starts to redefine his character. In scene II, Macbeth is described as a courageous, reliable warrior so king Duncan gives him the title "Thane of Cawdor" as a reward. The previous Thane of Cawdor was a man that Duncan trusted, as he states in scene IV: "He was a gentlemen on whom I built / An absolute trust", however it is ironic because he became a traitor and history is going to repeat itself, meaning Macbeth will also become a traitor (1.4.13-14). After Macbeth's encounter with the three witches, Macbeth does consider that becoming king could be a possibility however he realizes that Duncan will have to die. At first, he ignores these thoughts, but later in Act I, Macbeth's ambition is slightly stirred up and he wants to become king but he tries to deny it when he says, "Let light not see my black and deep desires" (1.4.51). Lady Macbeth is much more ambitious than her husband and she influences him all through scenes V and VII. Macbeth debates with himself whether or not he should murder Duncan and concludes that; "only / Vaulting ambition which o'erleaps itself / And falls on th'other", meaning that although the benefits of murdering Duncan might overcome the ramifications, his ambition is his only motive. At this point, Macbeth is getting weaker and greedier because becoming king has now become an intension instead of a simple possibility.While reading Act I, one learns that Lady Macbeth is very ambitious and manipulative. In scene VII, her persuasiveness is revealed and she uses various tactics to convince Macbeth to murder Duncan. She calls him a coward, questions his manhood and emphasizes her own determination to trigger his ambition again when he is on doubt. The effectives of saying "coward in thine own esteem, / Letting 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would', / Like the poor cat I'th'adage" are comparing Macbeth to a small cat that is too afraid to fight and she suggests that he is unable to kill Duncan because he is too weak (1.7.43-45). She also questions his manhood by...

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