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Perhaps, A Man Of Political Peace?

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Born on December 28, 1856, in Staunton, Virgina, Thomas Woodruff Wilson would grow up to become an accomplished man in the world of politics. Growing up in the south he witnessing the Civil War in action and it's aftermath, as a son of a Presbyterian family. Woodruff earn several degrees from being a hardworking scholar and passionate orator, all before persuing his university career. Caught in the fast rising politics, he was elected governor of New Jershey for two years and did not finish the last two, so he could become the 28th President of the United States of America for two-terms. During WWI he navigated through hardships as he crafted the Versailles Treaty and introduced a League of Nations, an idea of world peace to the United Nations. After suffering a second stroke in his last year of presidency he died three years laters after leaving office, sweeping reforms for middle class, womens voting rights, and dreams of world peace was all he left as a legacy.
Growing up, Wilson's family lived all over the south from Staunton, Virgina to Augusta, Georgia to Columbia, South Carolina. While moving around in the south Wilson was caught in the harsh Civil War, and adopted the Confederate cause. During the ravages of war his mother, Jessie Janet Woodruff, helped nurse wounded soliders. In fact, he claim to witness Confederate president Jefferson Davis in chains, and looking up at Genreal Robet E. Lee's face of defeat in Augusta, Georgia and would never forget it.
What started his political career was his father, Joseph Ruggles Wilson. Pressured by his father as a young child he was ushered towards maintaining studious habits. However, Tommy (was his childhood nickname) was not the most stellar student in school. Scholars now believe that Wilson could of been at an academic disadvangated because of his of dyslexic like behavior. Despite challenges, he was vicously trained in debate and oratory which worked out fine, considering Wilson took passion to it all. Orignally enrolling at Davidson College, he transferred when his father got a job at the College of New Jershey (known as Princeton since 1896). Wilson studied law at the University of Virgina, and earned his Ph.D, on political science and history at John Hopkins University. To date he is the only president to have a Ph.D. His thesis, Congressional Government, got published, starting his universtiy career, with appointments at Weslevan and Bryn Mawr for himself.
One of Wilson's biggest dreams was to have a professorship at Princeton, which was accomplished in 1908, achieving the title of 13th president of the universtiy. Agreeably it was his contributions to Princeton that made it the prestidious college it is known as today. Additional to his idea of innovating academic ciriculum, Wilson was always voted most popular teacher on the campus because of his hearty demeanor and well rounded ideals. However, what really set him above the universtiy society was his extrodinary oratory skills....

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