Perhaps More: From Pan Asian Chineseness To Human Ness

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1. Can you identify the paper’s theme and central argument in the introductory paragraph? What is the main problem that the author has identified in the narrative?
The central argument is easily identifiable as the author writes “In this essay, I will explore …” By stating three key aspects in the thesis statement, people can predict the main arguments will be in order. The author explores the concept of the film, Perhaps Love, which can be more than mere Chineseness through three main aspects of cinematography: literary design, sound design, and visual design.

2. How does the author introduce his or her paper topic? It there a “hook” to lure the reader in? Is this hook relevant to the specific topic, or is it more distracting?
The author introduces his or her topic by giving an introduction of what happens in the beginning of the film. I don’t feel there is a “hook” that allow the readers to think together.

3. Is the paper’s organization clear? Does the author give you a sense of direction that his or her paper will take and how he or she will go about providing evidence? Does the body of the paper follow a direction that was laid out in the introductory paragraph?
Overall the paper’s organization is clear because of the thesis statement. However, I prefer to put the thesis statement at the end of the introduction as it will be a stronger statement. The sentences after the thesis statement will be insignificant when it is put before the paragraph ends.

4. How does the author make use of primary sources? Describe their discussion of specific scenes in films. If you had never seen this film, would you have a clear enough idea of what it is about from the author’s description of it?
The author utilizes the three main cinematography aspects as his or her main arguments. One of the main the writer’s main arguments is the literary design aspect. He or she gives the example of slapping Xiaoyu. The writer vividly writes depicting the events that allow his or her readers to visualize without even watching the movie. Not only that particular scene that is well-described, but almost in every example of the movie. The author also briefly explains on the usage of water in postmodern films.

5. How does the author incorporate secondary readings from the class? Does the author use the reading to support his or her arguments or to debate them? If the author uses any additional outside sources, are they clearly cited and provided in a works cited list?
The author incorporates the secondary readings by supporting a quote from the reading and make it as the central argument of the paper. Aside from the readings from the class, the author utilizes an outside source from Paul Robinson. He specifically uses an excerpt called “A Deconstructive Postscript: Reading Libretti and Misreading Opera” from a book called Reading Opera. The writer cites correctly in MLA style.

6. Are the transitions between paragraphs and topics smooth? Identify specific words or phrases...

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