Whether The Greek Or The Turkish Side Should Be Blamed For The Emergence And The Prolongation Of The Inter Communal Conflict In Cyprus,

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The aim of this essay is to give an unbiased answer to whether the Greek or the Turkish side should be blamed for the emergence and the prolongation of the inter-communal conflict in Cyprus. The body has been divided into four major parts. The first section deals with the start of nationalist movements and their role concerning the conflict. It is found that these gave the basis for the conflict since their actions deepened distrust between the two communities and brought Greece and Turkey - both largely intervening later - into the problem. The second part highlights how independence of Cyprus changed attitudes and events. Since the terms of the constitution had been agreed by the three external powers (Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom) without consulting the Cypriots themselves, discontent and violence spread on the island - mostly provoked by the Greeks. Turkish actions at this point were reactions to Greek aggression, however the conflict became increasingly complicated and this needed the discussion of the responsibilities of both Greeks and Turks. This is done in the third and fourth parts respectively and it is shown that the Greeks were very provocative by not recognising the Turks as equals, carrying out violent attacks and insisting on revising the constitution. The chief responsibility of the Turks is found in the military invasion in 1974 - carried out at a time when inter-communal talks were taking place and which resulted in the forced partition of the island, that is still maintained. The question of responsibility hasn't been fully concluded by blaming one side. Cypriots were influenced by external powers, and Greeks and Turks both violated the agreements. Therefore they are concluded to be jointly responsible - Greeks mainly for provoking the conflict and Turks for engaging in an operation that maintains the conflict up to recent times.Introduction"The last divided capital" - this can be read on a Nicosia street, cut into two by the infamous Green Line which separates the island since 1974. However besides the divided capital Cyprus is now the only European country with large sections of her territory under foreign military occupation. The actual division took place 24 years ago but the conflict - referred to as 'The Cyprus Problem' - already originates from the early 1950s. Therefore the island has been characterised by political instability, disagreement between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots and frequent outbreaks of violence. Today 63% of the island is possessed by the Greeks and constitutes the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus, while the northern 37% is referred to as being under illegitimate Turkish occupation and the TRNC1 that has been proclaimed on the territory has not gained international recognition and is under United Nations embargo. So are the Greeks or the Turks responsible for the situation? To give an unbiased statement it is very difficult due to the interwoven nature of the conflict and due...

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