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Perioperative Nursing Analyse The Impact Of The New Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant Role Within My Practice

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INTRODUCTIONThroughout this assignment I will analyse the impact of the Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant (PNSA) role at MercyAscot hospital where I am currently employed. I will discuss any foreseeable problems, and the support given by the hospital. The position description will be critiqued using current literature, and my own professional development will be addressed.IMPACT OF PNSA ROLE WITHIN MERCYASCOTSince the beginning of modern day nursing in the late 1800's nursing staff have been directly involved in the technical and direct nursing care within the perioperative field (Bridges 1995). This role has changed over the years governed by medical training schemes, and more recently by legal and ethical issues pertaining to the code of professional conduct. (UKCC 2002). I feel that the perioperative nurse has followed the dictations of the medical field with regard to the level of intervention and their defined role within the operating room. However due to financial constraints, and the advanced academic training the role of the perioperative nurse has once again developed into one that is extending the skills of the practitioner (NATN 1993).The perioperative environment is constantly changing. New and expanding roles within the speciality are being formed. Technological advances in treatment and care, and a continuing reorganisation and redirection of resources is happening (Driscoll and Teh 2001). I agree with Driscoll and Teh, and feel that is important for individual practitioners to develop professional knowledge, in order to cope with the demands and changes within today's perioperative environment.In every nurses career many legal or ethical dilemmas are encountered. One dilemma facing the perioperative nurse today is surgical assisting. At the MercyAscot the perioperative nurse is expected to be able to perform the role of the instrument nurse, circulating nurse, and as the surgical assistant. I don't agree with this, as at present there are no guidelines in place to prevent new staff nurses from assisting for a probation period. The Clinical Nurse educator is attempting to put a six month time frame on this, and is presently in contact with New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) for their advice. NZNO do not have any recommendations regarding this area of practice. Not every hospital expects their perioperative nurses to perform the role of the surgeon's assistant. This usually occurs in settings where there are no doctors available to perform this role, i.e. private hospital setting.MercyAscot is a New Zealand owned private facility, formed from the integration of two private surgical hospitals, Ascot Hospital and Mercy Hospital. At MercyAscot, perioperative nurses assist for many of the cases. I believe this is due to these reasons:- Financial constraints within the private healthcare system. MercyAscot hospital is not a medical training organisation, so does not have the use of doctors to assist during...


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