"Perpetual Passage" An Narrative Essay Describing My Experience Climbing A 13,000 Foot Mountain And What I Gained From Such An Experience.

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I saw it again. A small brown blur whizzed by the ground in front of me. I had seen it several times in the past hour, or was this a different one? I was looking at an ugly, beady-eyed creature -I thought it was cute at first, but after staring at it for a while, its quite vicious looking. "It's a prairie dog," a voice suggested."Don't those live in prairies?" I supposed. We were far from a prairie. At 11,000 feet above sea level, I was in the midst of a six-mile hike to the peak of a 13,000-foot mountain. (Maybe it's a meerkat, "No, those live in Africa") Two exhausting miles into the hike, we were observing a plump, petite creature eyeing us askance. I watched as the alleged prairie dog/meerkat scurried vigorously up the hill and into the base of an extremely massive pile of rocks. I collapsed onto the dirt next to the rock-pile and scrutinized the ridge above that I supposed was our final destinationClimbing past the topmost tree line, the surroundings changed instantaneously, like walking from one world into another. We had begun our journey in the heart of a wooded forest past a clear glistening lake, engulfed with the smell of pine and wet earth. Further along our expedition and another two thousand feet in elevation, the existence of the towering trees ended abruptly along with all other signs of life; save an occasional brown hirsute creature and a thorny shrub. I supposed that survival at such a high altitude was near impossible. The air was thin and parched and made my lungs feel like they were being squeezed from the inside.Leaving our packs behind, we picked ourselves up and started toward the rocky ridge 400 meters ahead of us. The dust and dirt was suddenly replaced by sharp rocks void of any vegetation or life. We had reached the ridge and what I thought was the destination of our climb. Revealed to me was a 1,600 foot obstacle of boulders and sharp oversized stones at such an angle that I could not see the end. The trek to the top was more than demanding and I wondered if I could ever accomplish it. Pressing on, the view began to open up and I stopped, not only to catch my breath, but also to take in the remarkable 180-degree panorama. As I sat on a sturdy boulder, I took in the view. Feeling glued to the rock, I wanted to sit there forever and marvel at the landscape.Three hours later, I neared the top of the mountain. I felt my heart pounding in anticipation of the...

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1618 words - 6 pages uneducated mass of students. Teachers need to respect the human mind in any stage of development and accept the fact that they can learn things from someone who is not an expert in the field. The teacher is a learner, and the students are teachers. The study of Romeo and Juliet during my student teaching experience was a collective effort to examine and interpret eternally recurring human achievements, failures, struggles, goals and desires. I learned a great deal through reading and discussing the writing of the students, and I hope that they learned something from me.

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